3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: To let people know that if they pray and really pray the God that I serve will make a way out no way.




This word PUSH means to physically move something or somebody out of your way. But in today’s message the word PUSH we want to break it down into this phrase. Today the word PUSH means Pray Until Something Happens. Not enough people or Christians pray and pray until something happens. Well, preacher I have been praying for a long time, and nothing still has happened, that’s only because you have not learned to push. You have to pray and pray until something happens. You must be like the Bible says consistent in season and out of season. You’d better pray and stay on your knees, until something happens. And I am here to tell you that prayer changes things. Because when you pray, I don’t mean stand up in the microphones, because people don’t pray in microphones they do public speaking in microphones. But when you really pray you push that microphone way back from your mouth, because you don’t want anybody to know what you are praying about. When you really pray, then God will show up. For if you don’t believe me look at your text and I’m finished.

(1) The Bible says that Peter was thrown into jail, and immediately the church started to pray. I like to think that the church began to P.U.S.H. The Bible says that they started praying, you see the old church used to come together and pray with each other, and that’s why they used to have so much power. But now we want come together to pray, but we will come together to have parties, and to smoke dope together, we chase women together, and that’s why we have so many problems today. The Bible says they came together and began to P.U.S.H. There are going to be times in life where living right just want do, and reading your Bible sometimes does not seem to work, but sometimes you have to P.U.S.H. Sometimes you need to pray until something happens. They prayed and prayed until something happened, and the Bible says that the Angel of God showed up in the prison. There were one hundred men holding Peter in jail, but God on your side is all that you need. If God were for you that’s more than the whole world is against you. While the church was praying God was moving. You see some folk say he may not come when you want him, but he will be there on time, but sometimes he shows up just when you want him. Because sometimes I pray and I can not wait until morning, because if I wait until morning I want sleep that night. So sometimes I can see him moving in the night. The Bible says that the Angel showed up and told Peter to go quickly. They tell me when he stood up the chains fell off his wrist and they tell me the chains fell off his feet, and God was on his way to making things all right. The Bible says that he came to the house where the church folk were, and knocked on the door, but the church folk didn’t hear him because they were still in P.U.S.H. mode. Sometimes you can pray and pray so hard until you do not see that thing in which you were praying for. Sometimes God has already sent your blessing, but we are so caught up in other things that we don’t even see it. But as time moved on they saw Peter, and they stopped praying, because God had showed up.

(2) In my conclusion, I stopped by to tell you, that you’d better P.U.S.H. When you need God to show up in your life P.U.S.H. Down and out, you’d better P.U.S.H. Somebody working two jobs to provide for your family, and it seems like life’s getting harder, but don’t give up you just P.U.S.H. You need to pray and pray until something happens. Upset I’m going to P.U.S.H. Been lied on, and talked about, but I’ll P.U.S.H. Been going through a trial for so long I’ll P.U.S.H., and I’ll pray until my change comes. Because the God serve is able, all you’ve got to do is P.U.S.H. Just pray until something happens. Because no devil in hell can keep me from what God has for me, because the more he tries the more I’ll P.U.S.H. The more hell comes my way, I’ll P.U.S.H. Broke I’ll P.U.S.H. Need a man I’ll P.U.SH. Need God to show up in your situation, you’d better P.U.SH. PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS.

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Richard Vaughn

commented on Oct 14, 2006

Awesome! I am going too a church tomorrow that does not have a Pastor....What a word. I'll surely use P.U.S.H. as part of what I'll tell them.

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