Summary: The first in a four part series using the Warrior Ethos as a philosophy behind true Spiritual Warfare.

The Warrior’s Code #1

Sean Lester

January 8, 2007

I will always place the mission first…

Text: Luke 9:57-62

Introductory thoughts

a. Every follower of Christ joins in the mission of the church. Jesus issued the order before he ascended into heaven. The order is…

a. Go throughout the world

b. Preach the Gospel

c. Baptize people into the church

d. Teach people to obey Jesus’ commands.

b. In the warriors’ code, the mission is placed first. Nothing else matters except carrying out the mission of the commander. A soldier who receives orders to capture an enemy is not successful no matter what good things he does unless he actually captures the enemy. Success is measured only be accomplishment of the commander’s will.

c. Much has been said in recent years about spiritual warfare. Sadly, much of what is said promotes styles of prayer and worship without actually engaging in the activity that brings about the will of our Commander, Jesus Christ. Prayer and worship are essential in the life of the believer. However, our Lord commands us to carry out His will and instructs us on the tasks to be performed in doing so.

d. Believers do not succeed unless the will of the Lord is fulfilled. No amount of prayer, no frequency of attendance at a church or a prayer meeting, no doing of a good deed will substitute for the carrying of the mission given by our Lord.

Proposition: The spiritual warrior always places the mission of our Lord above all else.

Interrogative: What does it mean to always place the Lord’s will first?

Transition: Placing the mission first means subordinating all other aspects of life to the requirements of succeeding in the mission.

I. The Mission Determines the Standard of Living

a. So much literature in the evangelical world addresses the standard of living a follower of Christ ought to enjoy. Most of the literature claims that believers ought to be materially prosperous. However, the Bible would not support this position. Some people will enjoy a higher degree of comfort than others, but that standard has nothing to do with whether they deserve it. It depends solely upon their role in the Lord’s will. Rest assured, however, that those who make the greater sacrifices in this life will receive the greater honor in the next.

b. In the war being waged in Iraq there are soldiers of various ranks and experience who have different tasks. All soldiers receive the same pay but some enjoy an easier way of life than others. Infantrymen, for instance, live in small compounds and have few conveniences. They are vigilant against enemy attack at all times. Sometimes, they go for weeks without showers and without hot meals. At the same time, administrative soldiers live in modern camps and enjoy conveniences almost as nice as being at home. They have swimming pools, high speed internet, and satellite television. They work eight hour days and don’t fear a direct enemy attack. No matter how the soldier serves, their role is critical to the mission of the president. It is the role they play that determines the quality of life.

c. Jesus was quick to point out that following Him did not lead to material prosperity. In fact, Jesus did not possess his own estate. His role was to go to the cross and die for the sins of all humanity. His personal mission did not allow for the usual human relationships and pursuits. He was focused on his mission.

Transition: The mission affects how you relate to your family.

II. The Mission Determines Your Role in Your Family

a. In some cultures the family assumes a large role in what a person does in life. A person needs the approval of his or her family before pursuing a vocation or passion. The follower of Christ needs to understand that Jesus Christ commands the life and activities of those who identify with Him. That means that no other person may assume that power to lead. That means that when family or other social leaders assert their influence over you, you may have to defy them to obey the Lord. That could lead to rejection by people whose approval you have always depended upon. However, it is the approval of Jesus Christ that determines your eternal destiny.

b. Soldiers don’t get to say no to their commanders when they receive orders to mobilize. We have all seen the pictures of men and women weeping as they say goodbye to their spouses and children before being deployed overseas. The soldier possesses a calling to defend our way of life at the expense of maintaining relationships with friends and family. There can be no other way to maintain an effective defense of our country. Soldiers commit themselves to our country before family considerations and obligations because that is what the mission often demands.

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