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Summary: It treats demonic avenues through which people are deceived and enslaved even with the supernatural. It calls on believers for discernment and confrontation through prayers

Prayerful confrontation-Speak to the spirit and command I to come out from every point of habitation. There are human agencies and instrumentalities that must be confronted. There are sits and domains pf darkness that must be challenged and bound. This is the moment.

1. Shout the blood of Jesus 7 times. Say, Oh Lord, by fire, we rescue our glory from the spirit of the python, in the name of Jesus.

2. I take the chains of the spirit in my hands, I chain the heads of the serpentine spirits attacking my glory

3. Every python and serpentine spirit attracted to our church/life be revealed by fire now in Jesus mighty name

4. You the Old Serpent delegating pythons and serpents to our lives, the Lord rebuke you in Jesus name

5. Oh Lord, by fire, as many in our church/family already tied and being suffocated to death by the python, I command, be released by fire.

6. Anyone in our church/family already being followed by python and serpentine spirit, locate and release them by fire

7. Every serpentine spirit delegated against my life, release me now in the name of Jesus

8. Wherever pythons and serpentine spirits have come into our ministries and homes, we command them to crawl out and we bind them in Jesus name.

9. Every spiritual weight and heaviness by reason of python spirits upon our lives, release in the name of Jesus Christ

10. As many who are already dying slowly because of constriction of python spirits, locate and release by fire in Jesus name

11. I saturate my life with The Fire of the Holy Ghost, for casting out and removal of every serpentine spirit, In the name of Jesus.

12. Every Serpent that has made my body a hiding place,{ the body of my children, family members, husband, home, workplace, present environment } Holy Ghost Fire locate and get out every serpent, In the name of Jesus.

13. I call upon The Fire of the Holy Ghost to cast every serpent in my body, in my life in the name of Jesus.

14. I employ The Blood of Jesus to suffocate every serpent in my life, {my children’s life, husband’s life, family life} In the name of Jesus.

15. I take up The Blood Of Jesus as a shield of protection against every serpentine spirit attached to my life, In the name of Jesus

16. Any power serpent that has swallowed my blessing, my breakthrough,{my children, my marriage, my finances, my husband, my documents of breakthrough} vomit it out now by fire.

17. I saturate my life, my dreams, my environment, spirit and soul {my children, my husband, my marriage} with the blood of Jesus for the destruction of every serpent.

18. That which belong to me but is in the belly of the serpent, Oh Lord arise on my behalf, and throw out of the belly of the serpent, all my blessings, all my breakthroughs, all my documents, my marital life, my glory, In Jesus might name, Amen

19. My glory in the belly of the serpent come out by fire, In Jesus might name. Amen

20. If my body has become a habitation for the serpent, Oh Lord arise and fill me with your Holy Ghost fire, In Jesus name. Amen

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