Summary: Qualifications of a Church Planter

Qualifications of a Church Planter

I. Spiritual Characteristics

A. Committed to Christ, the Church, and to the great commission of Matthew 28:19,20.

B. Possessing the gifts, callings, and leading to plant and grow a church.

C. Filled by the Spirit of God to love people who may not be able to benefit you in return.

D. Having a goal and a plan for planting and growing churches in qualitative and quantitative ways.

E. A willingness to deny yourself, take up your cross daily, and follow Jesus Christ.

F. Possessing the gifts necessary to evangelize, teach, lead, pray, and preach in ways that you can successfully begin a fellowship of believers.

G. Have a servant’s attitude so that you can enable others to become more Christlike. This involves the willingness to surrender all of your rights to the Lord.

II. Educational Qualifications

A. You need to know the Bible well enough that you can serve as the preacher, teacher, and leader of your new flock until a full time Pastor is called.

B. You need to know enough of the following subjects to be able to demonstrate cognitive, affective, and behavioral competence in these areas:

1). Spiritual Life and Discipleship and Disciplemaking

2). New Testament and Old Testament Survey

3). The Life and Ministry of Christ

4). Evangelism and Cross-Cultural Communications

5). Interpersonal Relationships

6). Small group Bible study leading and dynamics

7). African Traditional Religions

8). Islam

9). Spiritual Warfare

10). History of Missions

11). The Pastor and His Christian Home

12). Leadership and management skills

13). Church Growth and Outreach

14). Church Planting (Rural and Urban)

15). Theological Education

16). Organizing the church through Christian Education

17). Practical Skills such as building the church and farming if necessary

18). Health care and basic missionary medicine

19). Literacy training and how to teach adults

20). Child evangelism

III. Psychological Qualifications

A. Ability to withstand pressure from relatives, Satan, and cynics

B. Ability to be patient, persevering, and determine despite set-backs.

C. Ability to work across cultures or social stratas

D. Ability to humble yourself and work harmoniously with people who may have different backgrounds

E. Ability to carry through on your commitments to God & your organization

F. Strong prayer life that can take you through hard times

G. Ability to overcome discouragement and frustrations

H. Ability to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy in difficult circumstances and conditions

I. Ability to laugh and praise God regardless of the results

J. Ability to adapt to new situations and effect change

K. Ability to love and accept love from people

L. Ability to lead your household through trials

M. Ability to claim the promises of God and obey their conditions

N. Ability to know and teach God’s will regardless of the opposition from Satan

O. Ability to stay balanced when temptations come

P. Ability to stay pure, holy, and above reproach

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