Summary: A quick look at the office of priests in OT from Numbers 3 and how Jesus fulfills that for us.

Qualified as High Priest

Hebrews 4:14-5:10

SICC – July 14th, 2002 (Morning)

INTRODUCTION: Synopsis of Hebrews. Jesus is God’s final answer. We must listen to him. It is a consistent lifestyle. We cannot rest on our laurels. Decide today to trust him. Chapter 4:14 marks a bit of a change of pace in the Book of Hebrews. Our author is speaking of Jesus a s a High Priest. In the first three and a half chapters the focus was on Jesus the great and final messenger. Now for several chapters it is going to be Jesus the great and final high priest. And then Jesus the great and final sacrifice.

1. The Jewish High Priest

a. His duties Numbers 3:5-10

i. Care for the tabernacle/temple

ii. Bridge the gap between God and men

iii. Atone for sins of the people

b. His qualifications

i. Sympathetic

(1) They suffered the same weaknesses as everyone else (Eli whose sons were evil and died)

(2) They had to atone for their own sins; therefore they understood the People’s sins

ii. Called by God (Exodus 28:1)

iii. He belonged to God (principle of the first fruits (Numbers 3:11-13)

2. Jesus: everyone’s high priest

a. His duties

i. Zeal for the temple (John 2:17 quoting Psalm 69:9)

ii. Bridge gap between God and Man

(1) Levites were given special duties before God that no other man was able to perform on the penalty of death.

(2) Jesus was given special duty before God that no other man could perform because he is God.

iii. Atone for the sins of the people (Christ died once for all. The godly for the ungodly)

b. His qualifications

i. He is called of God. The Father (You are my son . . .Psalm 2. Luke 9 “This is my son whom I have chosen”

(1) He speaks of his unique relationship with the father.

(a) When you have seen me you have seen the father

(b) I speak not my words, but the words the father has given me.

(2) He is sinless. He doesn’t have to atone for his sins (OT sacrifices always had a blight on them – the sins of the priests.)

3. Jesus calls us to come to Him boldly

a. He is the only way to God (We all have a desire to be near God.)

b. He is the only example of true humanity – he is what Adam was supposed to be.

i. He learned obedience from suffering

ii. He became perfect for redemption because he suffered

CONCLUSION: When you find something worth following follow it.

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