Summary: A Short Outline on questions to ask yourself about backsliding

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Questions About Backslding

I. What If I Claim To Be Saved And Yet Live A Sinful Life.

1. There is a possibility that I have never been saved

2. There is a possibility that I am in a backsliddenm condition.

3. Examples of backslidders in the Bible

II. When Am I In A Backslidden Condition?

1. - Often the backslidder is unware of his true condition

2. - We have some false ideas about the backslidder

III. How Can I Know If I Am Backsliding?

1. If I willingly tolerate even "small" sins in my life I’m allready on the road to a backslidden condition.

2. If I am not pursuing and hungry for righteousness I’m backsliding.

3. If I don’t care or have a love for other people I’m backsliding.

4. If I put material things before spiritural things than I’m backsliding

5. If I am not involved in serving Christ than I am backsliding

IV. Is There A Solution To Backsliding?


1. Remorce for my guilt before God

2. Repent of my sin

3. Remember the Cross

4. Renounce and forsake my evil ways

5. Return to the Church

6. Read my Bible

7. Resign myself to my responsibilties & opportunities

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