Summary: Train your eyes! Let your eyes not meander towards the wrong things! Control!


2 King 2:10”…if you see me as I am being taken from you, it shall be so for you..”

“Keep your eye on the ball” is a mantra for many golfers and golf instructors!” Someone said: “Quiet Eye training, as the name suggests, is an attempt to get people to stop flicking their focus around so much. A quiet, focused eye, in other words, seems to encourage a quiet, focused mind, which then makes for more accurate putting.” Train your eyes! Let your eyes not meander towards the wrong things! Control!

Friend, imagine allowing the mind to wander while you are trying to hit a nail into a piece of wood, without sharp focus on the head of the nail – without doubt the hammer would miss and smash either your finger or the wood. This message comes with a caveat to control your focus! Smite every distraction and keep your eyes on your Savior!

Christians do not have much success because they have not much focus! Observe the words of prophet Elijah who brought fire from heaven: ‘if you see me!’ Which means, Elisha has to have his undivided attention on Elijah! Sharp focus! We get this when we dwell deeply into His Word!

When your job is shaky – focus on the Word!

When your marriage is dipping downhill – focus on His Word!

When your finances are plummeting – focus on His Word and prayer!

Meditate, meditate, meditate until you get an answer for your situation! We cannot achieve much, if we allow our thoughts to wander around the problem, stretch yourself to look at His promises and stay focused there! Are you listening? The more you keep flipping the pages of the Bible, the more would you get to know His promises, your knowledge of Him increases and thereby you get a ‘grip’. Do you hear me?

Elijah was clear, he knew without a shadow of doubt that without determination, iron will power, perseverance, strong dependence on God, Elisha can do nothing against the wicked people he was going to deal with. People who get discouraged and give up half way through the battle cannot confront the severe pressure the enemy would bring on you! Stay focused! When the enemy tried to blitz our school project through discouraging words of the officials, when we were confronted with nothing but big barricades on every side, I did one thing – I picked up the Bible and started reading. I read His Words in the wee hours of the morning, afternoon and night. Phew! I can never explain the energy I received! I felt taller and stronger! Though the circumstances did not change – something inside me changed! I was exploding with faith!

We don’t need guns to scare us: stress, discontentment, pressure, loneliness, disease, failure and rejection can sure knock you down. Fear not! Stay focused on His power!

Don’t miss even a single Sunday morning service? Be regular!

Don’t miss prayer even for a single day!

Don’t miss to read His Word everyday!

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