Summary: God is the Source of All Comfort, but as followers we must find ways daily to experience His awesome comfort and say say Thank you Lord for your comfort.

The greatness of God is realized in Psalms 8 as David writes about his greatness in his creation, but wonders about the insigfiance of man, that he should be concerned about him. But Isaiah says God is a God of Comfort. Paul say "God is a God of all comfort. His name is "Comfort."

Three different times in the ministry of Jesus, people asked him the question, "Jesus don't you care about us?"

When he was in the boat with his disciples and the storm came upon them, but Jesus answered by calming the storm. Then when Jesus was with Mary and Martha was grieving the loss of Lazarus and Jesus brought him back to life.

Then the other time is when the two were together in the home and Martha was disturbed with Mary being at his feet. Jesus don't you care about me is what we seem to say in our lives when the storms come, when people die, and when we are busy doing things in our lives that don't seem to matter, our life is not being impacted. But God, through Jesus shows us that HE CARES FOR US!

As followers of Jesus, when we see that God gives care to us in our lives by proving for all of our needs, physically, mentally, and spiritually, then our life should be to show others how HE CARES FOR THEM.

Conclusion: Charles Wygle was an evangelist, singer/songwriter. When he became an evangelist his wife told him she didn’t want to be a preacher’s wife so she left him. She got caught up in sin and ended up contracting a disease. She called for her husband and asked him to forgive her. He did. After she died Charles, who lived in Florida, had taken a walk out onto a pier. The devil was tormenting him, telling him no one cared about him. “If your wife really cared about him she never would’ve left you. Even God doesn’t care about you. So just jump in and end it all because no one cares about you.” Charles contemplated it until the Holy Spirit spoke up and told him that no one cares for you like Jesus. Charles turned around and rushed back to his room. He sat down at his piano and within minutes had the music and lyrics to his hymn, “no one ever cared so much for me”. Verse one: There’s no other name as sweet as Jesus; no one ever cared so much for me. As to shed his precious blood to save me; no one ever cared so much for me. Chorus: there’s no one who cares like Jesus; there’s no friend so precious to me. Who would walk and carry a cross up to Calvary; no one ever cared so much for me. Verse Two: When I see him face to face in glory; I will bow at his nail scarred feet. And I’ll thank him for the pain he suffered; all because he cared so much for me.” God cares.(Derrick Tuper)

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