Summary: You cannot compare the colossal, massive, immeasurable love of God with anyone! None gave their blood and life for you! None.

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Looking up at Daddy!

Psalm 34:5”Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.”

My heart skipped a beat and melted! The way the school kids look at me with so many myriads of emotions in those faces: How is madam’s mood? Is she happy today? Will she smile at me? Will she give me an extra pencil? Will she give me clothes and new books? Will she remember me? Some of them stretch out their hands to touch me, some try to shake hands with me, some playfully try to touch my garments. So much love, warmth and longing in those faces like shining rose buds! Recently when I saw them strain their necks and look up at me as they sit on the floor, I choked! I tell you, I ran into my room, so that I don’t cry right in front of them and make a fool of myself! I just wanted to do something then and there for the kids, I called them and gave them all, the stationery items that they needed. You must see their faces! Radiant is what I call! Beaming with happiness with all of them carrying pencils and rubbers! This ‘Radiance’ is out of gratitude! I have watched rich, fat-salaried executives of multinational banks with grumpy faces on the day of salary! They want more! Greed!

Have you ever watched the mother crow feed her babies? The little birds are just so adorable as they sit in their nest with their heads cocked up, beaks opened and waiting for their mother to feed. I tell you, it is such a gorgeous scene of love! The inner portion of the mouth is red for the baby birds and as they expectantly wait with beaks opened, the mother bird hunts for the food and puts it in their mouth and waits for the babies to swallow. So sweet! Whenever I see my school kids look at me, I feel like a mother crow feeding the babies! With those tender looks and ravishing smile they have got me hooked forever! There is war at home with my children, they feel I talk a lot more of the school kids than about them! Do I? Can’t help it, though!

When I go to my mom’s place during my holidays (if there is any) straight after I reach the house, I charge to the refrigerator which would be well stacked with all the delicacies and snacks that are my favorites! Mother crow! The next few days there, it would be all ‘bala favorite dishes!’ She would take me to the backyard and pointing at the plants she would tell me ’look they are smiling at you!’ The twinkle in her eyes and the naughty smile would say, ‘look I got it all set up for you!’

Friend, coming back to the key issue of ‘looking at HIM’; nevertheless, one day all THIS would cease! Take it from me, it would! I have wandered like a vagabond alone on the roads of the new city after relocating our ministry, not knowing a clue about our next step! No money. No ministry. Nothing. Thank you Jesus! He never left my side! Thank God right now for the ‘nothingness’ in your life. Pause and thank right now. When we look at the loveliness of the world, we would never get to have a glimpse of His loveliness. Are you listening? When you keep looking and lusting at the girl sitting next to your cubicle at work, where and when can you taste His colossal love? Tell me. No wonder you are confused!

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