Summary: This is the third of three messages in a series on family growth.

b. Spend time being Jesus to your kids in the car pool, supper table, bed time, t.v. time, Wal-Mart, etc......

2. God wanted the parents of Israel to be persistent.

A. "When you lie down and when you get up."

a. The Sabbath wasn’t the only day the parents were to take a stand for God.

b. A daily commitment to the walk was called for.

B. There is coming a time when our babies will wake up on a Sunday morning and say, "I don’t want to go to church today. Can I stay home." (How will you respond?)

a. Give in. (We’ll think that they’ll think, "Mom & Dad are cool. I want to go to church all the more now!")

*Kids don’t think like that. They’ll think, "Gee, that was easy. I’ll try again next week.)

b. This is what I suggest.........

"Look them firmly in the eye, with a matter-of-fact voice drenched in love tell them.....

*In this family we believe in Jesus Christ. We are all going to church. It’s something we do as a family. Were leaving in 10 minutes.

*Don’t threaten, don’t raise your voice. Just make going to church as a family be on par as the sun rising in the morning.

*Do this early...and when the pimples and prom comes, your position will be much stronger!

3. A young boy asked his Father, "Daddy, whats a Christian?"

A. The daddy replied...

a. "A Christian is a person who loves and obeys God. He loves his friends, his neighbors, and even his enemies. He’s kind and gentle and prays a lot. He looks forward to going to heaven and thinks that knowing God is better than anything on earth. That, son is a Christian.

b. The boy then asked, "Daddy, have I ever seen a Christian?"

B. Our babies don’t need a definition of a Christian...they need an example of one.

a. Before we can tell them about God, we’ve got know him ourselves.

b. They need us to model it in our own behavior, disciplines, attitudes...


1. Raising Kids who love God is not an accident. God wants parents to tell their children about the one who loves them even more than they do.

A. We’ve looked at two directives that can help us develop a daily plan to share God with our children.

a. Talk It. (In the car pool, supper table, Grocery store, bath......)

b. Walk It. (Teaching our kids about the straight and narrow is easy...all we have to do is lead the way!!!!)

B. I want you to develop a plan to daily teach your children about God.

a. Right now, what’s your plan? (Sunday.....Church.)

*What will you be doing tomorrow? Thursday? Saturday?

b. You may (or may not) have Sunday whooped, but whats your plan for the rest of the week?

2. What is your plan to teach your child about God?

A. Immediately after WWII there was a housing shortage in Great Britain.

a. A woman saw a poor child tagging along his parents, who didn’t have a house to live in.

b. The woman approached the boy in sympathy and said, "I’m so sorry you don’t have a home."

c. The little boy replied, "We have a home, we just don’t have a house to put it in yet."

d. 60 years ago there was a housing shortage, today there is home shortage.

B. Tim Kimmel is a well known Christian author.(Does most of his work on a roll top desk)

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