Summary: If we are to raise godly women, we need godly women to set the example, so I want us to see what God is looking for from the EBC woman. Parts of this message are from a sermon by Jerry Shirley.

“Raising Godly Women” Titus 2:1-5

Today is Mother’s Day and we are here to honor the women of EBC, and our guests.

I read about a new bride who just after the honeymoon, sets the evening meal before her new husband and confesses, “I’m not a great cook, all I know how to make so far is meatloaf and banana pudding” Her husband says, “no problem dear, just tell me which is which!”

God is not looking for women who display beautiful meals but women who display godly beauty, to the young women who are watching them and to a lost world around them.

If we are to raise godly women, we need godly women to set the example, so I want us to see what God is looking for from the EBC woman.

1. God is looking for women who are Committed.

Look at verses 3-5. The older, godly women are to “teach the young women.” If the young women of EBC are going to learn to walk as godly women.

Let me tell you a little secret. Our young ladies WILL NOT to learn to be godly WOMEN from this pastor. They will, however, learn to be godly women as they watch godly women here at EBC.

That should be an eye opener for you ladies who are being watched.

What kind of examples are you setting before those who are coming along behind you?

Are you demonstrating the Jesus of the Bible or the Jesus of the world? You know, the Jesus who loves His enemies and prays for those who persecute Him or the one who curses and fights with anyone and everyone?

See our ladies have a God-given responsibility to teach the younger women how to be godly wives, how to be godly mothers, as well as godly homemakers.

BUT our young ladies have a responsibility to listen to the older, godly, women, and to learn from their wisdom.

When you look around at our homes, schools and communities today, one has to question; WHO is teaching the young women of today? Who is shaping their family values? Who is molding their personalities, their character…

The world is sending all kinds of negative messages to our younger women about marriage, home and family and we need some older women who have been married for years to step up and say, you made a vow before God and it’s not your love that sustains your commitment, it’s your commitment that sustains your love!

The world says: “Oh you didn’t mean to get pregnant? No problem, just destroy the evidence.”

Older godly women should be able to respond: “We don’t destroy a child because it’s just inconvenient or a mistake!”

If we are to raise godly women, we need godly women committed to being a godly example.

Something else God is looking for from the EBC woman.

2. That her example must be for the right Reason. Look at 5b.

The best thing EBC can do to be a positive influence on our community and beyond, is to help build strong families!

It is true that the world may not listen to what we say…but ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls… they watch what EVERYTHING we do! Not only are they watching but they see the true reason we do what we do…

We are diligently working on building our children/youth ministry but my goal is to reach the whole family…BECAUSE families are under attack and many are losing the battle…

EBC if we are not demonstrating the Jesus of the Bible we are causing families to crumble.

I believe with all my heart that when we demonstrate any other Jesus than the Jesus of the Bible we bring shame to the Word of God.

If we are to raise godly women, our women must be committed to being a godly example for the glory of God and not themselves.

God is looking for something else from the EBC woman:

3. For her to live a holy life. [NOT a holier than thou life] Look at verse 3.

When Moses came down from his meeting with God there was a glow on his face that others could see.

There’s a glow about a Godly woman, as the beauty of Christ radiates from her life!

Verse 3 tells us a couple of things that will be missing from the woman of holiness.

a. A woman of holiness will not be a “slanderer”

This literally means that she is not a gossip…sometimes, even a simple prayer request can turn into gossip…

b. A woman of holiness will not “be given to much wine”

Before you start saying “there it is! The Bible says it’s ok to drink, as long as it’s in moderation!”

What Paul is saying here, is don’t be a slave to an addiction, don’t give yourself to it.

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