Summary: 8th and final message in an 8 week series on the Lord’s Prayer. This one is a wrap-up of the series. It could be used as a stand alone with some minor modifications.

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Can You Hear Me Now? Good! Week 8

“Raising the Bar”

MATTHEW 6:9-13


Video Clip - X-men 2 - Chapter 33 - Start:1:44:47 - End:1:45:37 - Time: 0:55

You’ve just seen a guy that’s listened to our study of the Lord’s prayer over the last seven weeks and has put the power of this prayer to work! Man! Okay, that’s not true. The guy in the clip has not been here and I really doubt that saying the Lord’s prayer will give you super powers! But if you have been with us over these weeks, here’s what we have seen. We’ve seen how each phrase of the Lord’s Prayer, is an answer to a basic life problem. From confirming our value, to clearing up our confusion to mending our relationships to protecting us from hurtful temptation, and more, this prayer has provided us answers. It says, You have this problem? Here’s God’s answer.

We have wrapped this series in a wireless, cell phone metaphor hearing God ask, “Can you hear me now?” and understanding that when we listen and apply these phrases that He has said, “Good!” We have discovered that these phrases in this prayer are God’s call to us saying, “I will meet every need you’ll ever face... if you’ll trust Me.” The Lord’s prayer is like having a full coverage calling plan. For seven weeks we’ve seen that we can have an uninterrupted connection with Him and that He has our every call covered. He is, in the vernacular of the cell phone world, “raising the bar,” reminding us that He will meet our every need. This is not just a pattern for praying, although it is that. This is a pattern for living, for raising the bar in every aspect of our lives. Today, as we wrap up this series I want us to be reminded or if you haven’t been with us, to see that God is worthy of our trust, because He has the answer to our every need. Let’s see from each phrase what He supplies. But before we do will you bow with me? (PRAYER - DRAMA SET-UP)


{Drama: Get a Life}

What makes you feel cold? What is it you use to feel that warmth again when you feel inferior, insignificant, devalued? Well, that’s the very first, and I think the most important factor God provides in this prayer.

1. The Bible says that God’s answer to my value is His parenthood - He wants to be our perfect, personal Father. You know, the desire to feel significant is universal. Inferiority haunts so many. That person in our drama represents multitudes of people who don’t like themselves, who don’t feel good about themselves, who don’t think they are worth much. And so they try to boost themselves up through self esteem books or by buying status symbols or giving themselves to others to be used or they take therapy or go on drugs, whatever, just to feel warm again. But God says, “No, your true value, your true significance comes in a relationship with me.” That’s why Jesus said pray: "Our Father in Heaven."

When God becomes your Father and you become His child that settles it, you have value! Your significance comes not from all the things you achieve or the things you buy. Your significance comes from your relationship to God. God becomes our ultimate carrier, the one we can count on for the best clarity and benefits in the plan for our life. We learned that “Father” is God’s favorite name and that the word there actually means “Daddy.” A term of intimacy. He wants us to know Him as a person not a power. We learned that God, unlike earthly fathers, is perfect. He is perfectly caring, consistent, capable & wants us to be His child! Gal. 4:6-7- “You can tell for sure that you are now fully adopted as his own children because God sent the Spirit of his Son into our lives crying out, “Daddy! Father!” Doesn’t that privilege of intimate conversation with God make it plain that you are not a slave, but a child? And if you are a child, you’re also an heir, with complete access to the inheritance.” (Msg)

God says: “When you become a part of My family, I establish an eternal relationship with you. You get My caring, My consistent love, My capable comfort.. You get Me!” It is incredible.. The Creator of the universe, the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-possessing, all-present God wants to have an intimate relationship with you! That makes you extremely valuable! That should take care of your inferiority. God is for me! God’s answer to my question of value is His parenthood, His fatherhood. So, call Him Holy.. He is. Call Him King.. that’s true. But if you want to touch His heart and have Him touch yours, use the name He loves to hear- “Our Father... who is in heaven..”

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