Summary: Touching Jesus is the answer to our needs. But we must make it a practice to get to the place where we can make that needed contact.

Scripture: Mark 5:25 – 34


Introduction: Jesus was on His way to Jairus’ house to heal his little 12 year old daughter when He felt a tug on His garment and on His heart.

When Jesus began to inquire as to who had TOUCHED Him He discovered a little woman with complex look on her face. Delight mixed with Fear showed their marks on this little woman’s face.

Her ailment was as old as the child who was lying at the point of death.

The little woman had received her healing and also realized she had touched a rabbi, which, she thought, had made Him unclean because of her disease.

The Telephone System used a slogan in their advertising a few years ago, “Reach Out and Touch Someone.” I don’t know how great of an increase in business they experienced, but I’m sure they made a lot of profit because of the use of that slogan.

(Hold up the “Phone Book”)

There are a lot of people that you can call in this book that can help you with a lot of things you can’t do for yourself.

(Then hold up the Bible)

There’s someone in this book that you can call who can anchor your storm.

Somebody who can teach you to fish for men and women.

Somebody who can lift the load of guilt off the sinners heart.

Somebody who that put a sword in your hand when your fighting temptation. Somebody who can lift you up when you’ve fallen.

Somebody who you can call that can give you a death row pardon.

Somebody who will set a lamp of forgiveness and reconciliation in the window for the prodigal Son to come home too.

He’s name is Jesus. His name is Jesus! His name is Jesus!

And like the phone company says All you have to do is reach out and touch him. But I want you to know that Jesus is also in the touching business.


a. The PRACTICE of healing has usually been associated with at “TOUCH.”

b. The little woman in our Scripture had tried many PHYSICIANS and wasn’t getting any better, but was getting worse.

 What have you been trying to get you out of the PROBLEM?


 She was at the END of her ROPE. – Jesus was her ONLY OPTION!

 She had tried EVERYTHING else.

d. Then she HEARD of Jesus.

 This gave her the INCENTIVE to GO to Jesus.


 Her CONFESSION changed, “If I can but TOUCH Hid clothes I shall be whole.”


a. This woman had had to tell everyone she met that she was UNCLEAN (It was the Law).

 Everyone KNEW she had a DISEASE.

b. Her EXPERIENCE up until this time has been NEGATIVE.

 She had tried all the she knew and was getting nowhere and she was getting worse!

c. She was WEAK from the LOSS of BLOOD.

d. There was a CROWD of people SURROUNDING Jesus which made it very difficult to get to Him!

 How often do we let PEOPLE keep us away from Jesus?

e. Jesus was already pre-occupied with a JOB to do.

 She probably thought, “Will He take the time to help me?”

 Jesus was an important Rabbi.

f. She could be brought before the RULERS of the Synagogue for TOUCHING a Rabbi and her being in an unclean condition.

Illustration: There is a legend of a benevolent king who had his men place a great heavy stone on a certain roadway over which all his subjects would have to travel. He then hid himself to see who would try to remove the stone. No one stopped to try to remove the stone., but all worked their way around it, loudly blaming the king for not keeping the roadway clear. Finally, a poor peasant farmer on his way to town with a load of vegetables which he hoped to sell in the marketplace came to the blocked roadway. He laid down his load and with considerable effort and loss of time managed to move the great stone to the side of the roadway. Then turning to leave, he spied a purse which had been under the stone. He opened the purse and found it to be filled with pieces of gold, with a note from the king indicating that it was all to be the property of the one who would remove the stone.


a. Getting Close to Jesus. – To be able to TOUCH Jesus or be TOUCHED by Jesus means you MUST get “CLOSE” to Him.

b. This little woman’s “DESIRE” to be RID of this DISEASE got her STARTED to where Jesus was.

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