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Summary: I AM REACHING FOR YOU Eph. 5: 22 – 25 Preached during the 10th year Wedding Anniversary of Brother Ray and Leah. God blessed them with 4 children for ten years.


Eph. 5: 22 – 25

Introduction: During a premarital counseling the man was asking to see the written marriage vow that his fiancée had made. After a few minutes, he protested and say "Honey this will not work, there is nothing written here about submission". The girl held his hand tightly and said "Sweetheart there is no need of submission to be written in that piece of paper, it is already written in my heart.

Illustration: A store manager who was called to give an advice to his would be son –in – law said , no deposit ,no return , no exchange.

I believe that this occasion is not possible if Brother Ray does not believe in the permanency of marriage. I heard him say "Pastor after five years grand wedding celebration again". He wants his marriage to be strong ever.

Please if you still want me to be the preacher make your topic quite simple.

REACHING FOR YOU, I really don’t know exactly what Brother Ray had in his mind of choosing the theme "REACHING FOR YOU" – It seems that Sister Leah is on the state of helplessness, shouting "Ray help me ( maawa ka sa akin) – then Ray says " don’t worry love( mahal) I am reaching for you".

Illustration: I watched the recorded program about the Filipina who married a blind American. How did they know each other? According to the girl she registered herself to www. Filipinabride .com and she stated her difficulty in raising her children as a single mother. She was only a laundry woman and the income was not sufficient to meet their needs. So she advertised in that website whoever is willing to marry her must also assume the responsibility to support her and her children. That blind American came and married her. The family visas were approved but before they went to US the woman said, "I have no relatives in US, my life is in you, and please take care of me".

I will explore in expounding my sermon in various ways within the dimension of love, according to the persons involved.

I. Reaching for you (in the language of Bro. Ray) It speaks of the Matter of Loving Eph. 5: 25…

"Husband love your wife, even as Christ also loved The church and gave Himself for it".

Yes we are commanded by God to love our wives. Too often husbands respond, but you don’t know about my wife. If you know her, you will understand me.

a)God does not give the husband an alternative, He says "husband love your wife".

b)He does not say love your wife if she satisfies you.

c)If she remains attractive to you.

d)Or until she commits adultery.

He says" husband love your wife".

In the English language the word love is used in many ways.

•I love hotdog

•I love my wife

•I love my children

•I love ice cream

In the Greek language- there are words to express love.

a)Eros- It is a based sensual animal type love.

b)Phileo- It is a love given in return for love. It is reciprocal. We love someone who has done something for us.

c)Agapao- However the love in Ephesian 5 is the word Agapao. This love is given only by and through God Himself. It is a giving love. A sacrificial love. It is the "in spite of" kind of love. It never ceases. It is not ruled by circumstances or emotions. The Agapao love will do what is best for the wife. The Agapao love says you are to love your wife in spite of who she is and what she does.

I am reaching for you. I would define the acronym REACH

1)Reassure – tell Leah you love her.

Tell her you love her several times a day.

2)Embrace her

a) Put your arms around her often.

b) Hold her hand while walking.

c) Kiss her several times.

3) Appreciate her

a) Tell her she is the queen of your life.

b) Tell her she is very beautiful

c) Praise her is front of others.

d) Let her hear you thank the lord for her.

Note: If you are out don’t talk about diet especially if she is wearing her bathing suit. Don’t talk about her figure.

Advice: Just wait for her nape to harden and advice her to slow down on her food.

4) Communicate with her

a) Call during the day, telling her that you miss her.

b) Always call and tell her if you will be late.

c) Stare lovingly at her and tell her – how can I stay outside while my wife is at home waiting.

Illustration: The couple who hadn’t communicated for sometime because they had been arguing. They were riding one afternoon and spotted two mules on the other side of the fence. The first time in 3 weeks he spoke to his wife. He pointed to the mules and said, some of your relatives? She replied, yes by marriage. Then back to silence again. If you want to brighten the countenance of your wife,

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