Summary: the call of Peter,Andrew, James and John

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Reaching the toughest guys in town-Matthew 4:18-22

Jesus reached Peter, Andrew, James and John—all rugged fisherman. How do you reach the tough guys, the guys that are a little intimidating to approach with the gospel.

• You come out of the desert with an anointing on your life. This is a very important point—Jesus called them after 40 days of fasting, praying and defeating the devil. If you want to reach tough guys, you will need a strong anointing.

• You walk up and say, follow me—and keep moving.

Tough guys don’t like to be finessed, they want a direct call, someone who looks them straight in the eyes and says, what I have is better than what you have. Tough guys like a strong leader, someone who speaks with authority, not like religious leaders.

• You tell them what they are—fishers of fish, you tell them what they can be—fishers of men. You give them a bigger dream than they have ever had before. Tough guys need big challenges, big dreams.

• You tell them they will be hated, despise, rejected, have lots of enemies for preaching the cross. Tough guys like tough conditions. They like spiritual boot camp.

• You tell them to lose their life, so they will find it. Tough guys like tough sayings. Like take up your cross and follow me. Or you must die daily. Tough guys are really into risking it all, maybe you might even have to die.

• In Acts you see Peter and John before the Council. They said, these are ignorant and unlearned men, where do they get so much wisdom? Then they noted, they had been with Jesus. Jesus chose tough guys because they are those who will turn the world upside down. They may have a little mud on their boots, some grease on their jeans, a rough exterior. But when you get them into Jesus, Jesus will get into them.

Close: I believe the church can reach the roughest, toughest guys in town. The gospel is a strong gospel. It has the power to change.

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