Summary: we live in the Un-generation--they are unloved, untold, unchurched, unsaved

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Intro: years ago a new soft drink was introduced to America—it was called the UnCola—we know it better by the name 7-up. The ad campaign was to say that this was unlike any other cola, it was unique and different. Today, I would like to give you message simple entitled, “Reaching the Un Generation” we live in a world where people are un-loved, untold, un-churched and unsaved.

I. Loving the Unloved-Matthew 20:30-34

In this story two blind men start crying out to Jesus for a miracle—they are rebuked by others and told to be quiet—but Jesus had compassion on them.

• Not everyone is popular, not everyone has 100’s of friends on facebook, not everyone feels loved, they are everywhere, people who are depressed, people who are even suicidal. The church is here to love the unloved, to show the compassion of Jesus Christ on the multitudes. People are sitting on the road of life with no one to help them.

Ill) Billy Sunday got saved and started bringing in the poor and hurting of Chicago to church. He was told to stop bringing them to church and so he started the YMCA---which has now helped many people through the years—loving the unloved is part of reaching the UN-generation.

II. Telling the Un-Told-Romans 10:14-15

People have lost confidence in Televangelism,

and have basically given up on God. They have totally tuned out on hearing---research shows that the only hope for this generation is personal evangelism. How can they believe what they haven’t heard.

III. Calling the Un-Churched Mark 2:15-17

The startling news about the church is, it isn’t just for church folks. The purpose of every church is to reach the un-churched.

We live in an un-churched society—sinners and publicans are everywhere. It isn’t that the fields are already picked, it’s like they haven’t been reaped at all. A big majority of people are on the outside of the ark, and the door is about to close.

IV. Reaching the Un-saved-James 5:20

Saving souls from death. When you see people who are unsaved, it isn’t a small thing. It means, unless they accept Christ, they will not only experience physical death, but spiritual death, which is the second death.

It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgment.

Close: we live in the Un-generation—unloved, untold, unchurched, unsaved.

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