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Summary: So today God has set in motion the desire for us to do a check up in our spiritual lives in these basic truths to make sure we are still on track with our Reading, Writing, & Arithmetic skills spiritually.

Hebrews 5:11-14 MSG

I have a lot more to say about this, but it is hard to get it across to you since you've picked up this bad habit of not listening. By this time you ought to be teachers yourselves, yet here I find you need someone to sit down with you and go over the basics on God again, starting from square one—baby's milk, when you should have been on solid food long ago! Milk is for beginners, inexperienced in God's ways; solid food is for the mature, who have some practice in telling right from wrong.

When kids start back to school, many times the first thing that takes place is they have some classes that go back over what they learned the previous year.

That is what the Holy Spirit does with us from time to time in our Christian journey as well.

I. Reading…

Psalm 119:66-67 NLT I believe in your commands; now teach me good judgment and knowledge. I used to wander off until you disciplined me; but now I closely follow your word.

Mark Brown in a "talk" he gave to "a Christian Leadership Conference on the topic of Bible in the church today." In part one he points out the shocking statistics on Bible reading among Kiwi (and even worse, US Christians).

…In similar studies recently conducted in the U.S. showed that only 12% of professing Christians read the bible. Twelve percent! This is an issue that faces the Western Church and this is an epidemic.

Some statistics:

* About 92 percent of Americans own at least one copy of the Bible.

* The average household has 3 copies.

* About 67 percent of Americans say that the Bible holds the answers to the basic questions of life.

* The Bible is the world's all-time best seller.

* At least 20 million copies are sold each year.

* Gideon International annually distributes more than 45 million copies.

Biblical knowledge (Biblical illiteracy is rampant):

* About 15 percent of Americans participate in Bible studies.

* The number of people who read the Bible, at least occasionally is 59%.

* Less than 50% of Americans can name the first book of the Bible.

* Only 1/3 of Americans know who delivered the Sermon on the Mount (more people identified Billy Graham rather than Jesus).

* 25% of Americans don't know what is celebrated on Easter.

* Twelve percent of Christians think that Noah's wife is Joan of Arc.

* Eighty percent of born-again Christians (including George W. Bush) think it is the Bible that says "God helps them that help themselves." (Actually it was said by Benjamin Franklin.)

Only 11%,” of Americans read the Bible every day.

More than half read it less than once a month or never at all. 18% of born-again Christians read their Bibles once a day, while 23% who professed to be Christians said they never read their bibles at all.

"Biblical illiteracy is one of the biggest problems facing the Church in America today. A recent survey indicates that the average American owns three copies of the Bible, but doesn’t read any of them. According to Woodrow Kroll, president of Back to the Bible, the organization that conducted the survey, “The problem is not that people cannot read the Bible, it’s they don’t read the Bible…Bible literacy is not (a) problem in the church. Bible literacy is (THE) problem in the church. It impacts everything else we do.”

Psalm 119:57-64 NLT LORD, you are mine! I promise to obey your words! With all my heart I want your blessings. Be merciful as you promised. I pondered the direction of my life, & I turned to follow your laws. I will hurry, without delay, to obey your commands.

Evil people try to drag me into sin, but I am firmly anchored to your instructions. I rise at midnight to thank you for your just regulations.

I am a friend to anyone who fears you—anyone who obeys your commandments. O LORD, your unfailing love fills the earth; teach me your decrees.

What will it take for YOU today to become one of the numbers it will take to change that 11-12% who read the bible every day?

Do we have enough passion to see it move to at least 50%???

Psalm 42:1-2 CEV As a deer gets thirsty for streams of water, I truly am thirsty for you, my God. In my heart, I am thirsty for you, the living God.

II. Writing…

Writing, to teachers, is a critical way of communication in our society today. Especially as we see computers, iPads, Cellphones playing such a BIG part of people’s lives today.

Ezra 1:1 NLT In the first year of King Cyrus of Persia, the Lord fulfilled the prophecy he had given through Jeremiah. He stirred the heart of Cyrus to put this proclamation in writing and to send it throughout his kingdom…

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