Summary: Theme: "The Rapture Of The Church"

I. The Peace Of The Rapture (v. 13)

A. Death Is Temporary Sleep For The Body (v. 13a)

B. Death Is Temporary Sorrow For The Believer (v. 13b)

II. The Promise Of The Rapture (v. 14-15)

A. The Concept Of When Christ Died (v. 14a)

B. The Comparison Of When Christians Die (v. 14b-15)

III. The Process Of The Rapture (v. 16-17)

A. The Return Of The Savior (v. 16a-16e)

1. He Will Come With A Personal Appearance (v. 16a)

2. He Will Come With A Powerful Accompaniment (v. 16b-16d)

a. A Mighty Shout (v. 16b)

b. A Majestic Summons (v. 16c)

c. A Musical Sound (v. 16d)

i. Trumpets Are Used For Assembling (Num. 10:2)

ii. Trumpets Are Used For Alarming (Num. 10:9)

iii. Trumpets Are Used For Announcing (Num. 10:10)

B. The Rapture Of The Saints (v. 16e-17)

1. The Past Saints Will Be First (v. 16e)

2. The Present Saints Will Be Following (v. 17a-17e)

a. They Will Be Removed (v. 17a)

b. They Will Be Restored (v. 17b)

c. They Will Be Reunited (v. 17c-17d)

i. With Their Loved Ones (v. 17c)

ii. With Their Lord (v. 17d)

d. They Will Be Relocated (v. 17e)

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