Summary: Having kids does not make a man a father! A real father according to God is one who knows the Bible, one who teaches those precepts to his children, and one who lives by its standards!

Real Fathers Love Jesus and Teach their Children the Word!

Kelly Durant 6-29-15 Deuteronomy 11:19

2. In English there is a phrase that appears on bumper stickers, it says, “Real Men Love Jesus”! The truth is a man that does not love Jesus is a man that will not be a good husband or father! Even the men here who come to this church, and who are Christian may be lacking in knowledge on how to be a real father. With no spirituality a man is a brute beast!

Speaking for myself, I grew up without a father, my parents divorced when I was 1 yr. old, so I grew up like many of you, and like 50% of the people in this country, without any an idea of what a father is supposed to be! If you never had a father, I understand you, but we can learn new things because it is a new day and young men can learn what a father should be like.

Women too need to learn how to choose the right men for mates who will be good fathers and they should inspire their man to love the Lord! I had to learn how to be a father from God’s word and other Christian books on the subject! I spent hours of study on the matter, and that is what it takes!

3. And I must say I have not a perfect dad for my 5 kids either! I have learned from my mistakes! But the main thing I learned, and if you remember only one thing today I want it to be this verse. It is the most important task of a father… Deu.11: 19 And ye shall teach them (the law, or God’s word) your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

Having kids does not make a man a father! A real father according to God is one who knows the Bible, one who teaches those precepts to his children, and one who lives by its standards! (Repeat)

My question is, do you fathers here today do that? The Bible talks a lot about the evil character of men in the last days. Basically the sins of the past cultures are the same sins of today but the problem with that is those sins of the fathers, could be placing their souls and the souls of their children in danger of inheriting salvation.

4. There are men that think it is okay to abandon their wives & children or think it is okay to live as they so desire wasting money on sins disregarding God, being abusive to those in their homes. But as we can read that Jesus had some harsh words to those that keep kids from the faith and teaching sins to their children by their bad examples!

Matt 18:6 (read) But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

He said basically that they would go to hell forever! Jesus states here that suicide for that man or father would be better for him than to mislead a child away from God!

5. The word speaks a lot about how the men should be the spiritual leaders but a leader is not being a macho dictator slave driver that shouts out commands! We are talking about being a leader as Jesus was a leader, a man with a character imitating that of Jesus, having love for his family, wife and children, giving his life for them sacrificing his time, talent, and income.

Christ loved us and gave his life for us, and if we as men are to follow His footsteps then we must also live and obey all of what he taught and teach others the same! There is a culture problem with the world today. People are conditioned to believe that all there is to being a Dad is to bring the money home. They get home late, they watch TV, or they play sports with their friends and rarely if ever, on an intimate level, communicate with their children or wives! If men do not become spiritual such as the Israelite men, most Native Americans, and previous generations of Christians were, they are doomed to reap the consequences of criminal carnal activity.

Very few hours in the work week do men (fathers) ever spend time with their children! They don’t play much with them or talk to them, or teach them the Bible, or even discipline them for that matter! The male in today’s world has been emasculated and are as knights without armor.

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