Summary: James speaks about finding the secret to true wisdom.


--The Secret to Wisdom is consistency.

A. What it means to be "double minded."

1. Inability to trust fully in God.

-This is the person that feels they "need"

Christ, but then also wants to make sure

that they are saved by getting baptized,

joining the church, etc.

-This is the person that knows what is right

to do, but then compromises that belief so

that he can "have his cake and eat it, too."

-This is the person that knows the need

others have for salvation, but is too scared

to tell anyone for fear of rejection.

2. Inability to abandon our own system of self-


-In other words, people are double-minded who

cannot give up the reins of their life over

to Christ, even after they are saved. They

are trying to have control and give it up

at the same time, and therefore they are

very unstable.

B. What it means to be consistent.

1. Consistency in our faith in God.

-Stay grounded in your faith! Don’t let your

faith waver!

-Its hard to go in the right direction when

you’ve got the wrong perspective! (Just try

laying down a foul line when staring down

at the ground instead of looking up).

2. Consistency in our faithfulness to God.

a. The Rich Man. (One who makes his own path

in the world).

1. Temporal nature of worldly positions.

(v. 10)

2. Temporal nature of worldly purpose.

(v. 11)

--These things are burned up by the


3. Temporal nature of worldly prestige.

(v. 11b)

--The fashion (the flower’s outward

beauty) is going to perish.

--It doesn’t matter how beautiful you’s not going to last.

--Some folks in Hollywood are finding

this out!

4. Temporal nature of worldly possessions.

(v. 11c)

--The rich man will fade away in ALL

his ways.

b. The Poor Man. (One who follows God’s path)

1. He is blessed when he endures life’s


2. He is given rewards that are eternal,

not temporal in nature.

3. He proves that he is loyal and loving

to his Father in Heaven.

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