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Reasons Why Some Do Not Get Their Prayers Answered

* "You do not ask so you do not receive."

* Some fail to ask God specifically for what they need

* Some hold secret sins in their hearts

* Some fail to walk in the Spirit

* Some fail to meet the conditions to answers to prayer

* Some fail to persist in their pursuit of God's answers to their prayers

* Some fail to believe God's promises

* Some fail to meet all of the conditions of answered prayer

* Some grow weary in well doing and get discouraged

* Some become bitter and resentful at others

* Some constantly compare themselves with others

* Some do not pray in love and obedience

* Some are consumed with selfish interests

* Some pray repeatedly the same prayers thinking that God will grow tired and give them what they want

* Some pray with a secret hidden agenda for their own self-aggrandizement

* Some pray without a full understanding of the situation, people in mind or the extent of the problem

* Some pray without a submissive heart

* Some pray in a helter-skelter fashion

* Some pray purely out of their emotions and moods

* Some pray so that others will hear and be impressed

* Some pray passively expecting God to do the work

* Some pray without a knowledge of God's will in the matter according to the scriptures

* Some spend to much time asking God for things while forgetting to thank Himfor what they have

* Some fail to walk in a way that honors God

* Some pray without confidence

* Some pray without peace in their hearts

* Some pray only with family members

* Some pray only for those in their immediate areas

* Some pray for things that others have achieved

Reasons Why Some Get Their Prayers Answered

* Some have a prayer list where they specifically record their requests and theanswers to their prayers

* Some are willing to ask God to cleanse them from all unrighteousness before praying about their needs

* Some walk in the Spirit and so are pleasing to God

* Jesus said, "If you abide in Me and my word abides in you ask whatever you wish and it will be done

* Jesus said, "Keep on asking, keep on seeking and keep on knocking and the door will be open to you."

* Jesus said, "He who believes in Me the works that I do will He do also and greater works than these will He do because I go to the Father

* Some are willing to fulfill all of the conditions of answers to prayer

* Some are willing to endure the difficulties and refuse to get discouraged or frustrated until God answers

* Some put away their bitterness and let God's sovereign will work all things together for good

* Some are willing to follow Jesus regardless of what others seem to achieve or receive

* Some are willing to pray with love and obedience as their chief motives

* Some pray with God's glory and will in mind

* Some pray intelligently with an understanding of the mind of God

* Some pray with an open heart allowing God to do whatever He wants in His time

* Some pray with an understanding of the most of the people, problems and facts

* Some pray giving all controls over to the Lord

* Some pray systematically with organization

* Some pray with their Christ like mind controlling their thoughts, attitudes and emotions

* Some pray so that the Lord is pleased and others are edified and encouraged and exhorted to do better

* Some pray with a willingness to obey God in all things while relying on His sovereignty

* Some pray with a full understanding of what the scriptures say on that particular issue

* Some balance their time in prayer between praising, thanking, confessing and petitioning God

* Some are willing to honor God in all aspects of life so that the Lord would be pleased to answer their prayers

* Some pray with certainty of God's answers

* Some pray with the quiet assurance of His will

* Some pray with Godly people who know how to trust God for great things

* Some pray for what God is doing around the world

* Some trust God for things that are yet to be done

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