Summary: When wrong is right, then right is wrong. When right is wrong, then wrong is right. In other words, when our culture has confused truth to the point of calling good evil and evil good, then we are obliged to do what many would think is evil because it is

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rebel: noun or verb?

rebel (n): a person who resists authority, control, or tradition; an agent of change

rebel (v): to dissent from an accepted moral code or conventional behavior

rebellion (n): revolt, revolution, uprising, insurgence // antonyms: complacency, compliance

To the question: Am I really a rebel? I answer a condescending: No. But in order to answer the question: Who are you? I answer: I don’t know. I find no other option other than rebellion. I’ve always been a good follower, not a resister. It’s hard to see myself breaking out of the mold. I’ve always been a ‘Yes Man.’ I’m not trying to start a new cause or lead anyone else in this - this is just a personal journey away from fearing men and toward fearing God. It’s crazy, but in order to be true to myself, I find a little rebellion necessary. It’s more than a phase, it’s an essential stage for my growth. Rebellion, for me, is nothing more than a means to an end: finding myself. I admit that I’m a little scared, but I cannot continue to accept all the assumptions and presumptions handed down to me. Up to this point, my identity has been defined by peer pressure and fear, so I must rebel for the sake of my own integrity or I must deny God’s design in me. My calling is unique to me; this is not my grandfather’s world, so I rebel for the sake of impacting my generation with the Gospel. In many ways, I am sad to have to take such a stand. Why have others thought it so important to establish the unnecessary as the norm? Why has the world (and the church for that matter) gotten so programmed, so conforming, so systematized, so average? How has the sloth of bureaucracy crept into so many areas of my life? Our culture is full of individuals just like me seeking their identity and purpose; this world is ripe for revolt!

Therefore, I revolt. I represent. I rebel. I must buck the system... Against status-quo. Against the norm. Against the daily grind. Against average. Against mediocrity. Against socialistic society. Against out-of-control special rights for favored groups. Against racism and feminism. Against big-brother control. Against bailouts. Against worldliness. Against 1950’s traditionalism in religion. Against anything that is against God.But I’m not just against certain things. The real reason I rebel is because I am forso many more-important things... I’m for truth, real truth, absolute truth. For right. For liberty and freedom. For capitalism. For creativity. For people thinking for themselves. For justice. For blood, sweat, and tears. For family. For the little guys. For the good news and for the gospel. For grace. For purity and abstinence. For God.

I’m an underdog and I’m for the underdog. I root for the challenger. Could there be a new champ? Yes, and when there is, there will be a new underdog, a new challenger. For too long the wrong things are reigning king of my hill. I am tired of complacency... in my life, at home, at work, at church, and in my community. It’s time for an uprising, an insurgence, a revolution!

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