Summary: A sermon about the dangers of rebellion.

“Rebel without a Cause!”

1 Samuel 15:23 For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.

Wikpedia - Rebel Without a Cause is a 1955 American drama film about emotionally confused suburban, middle-class teenagers. Directed by Nicholas Ray, it offered both social commentary and an alternative to previous films depicting delinquents in urban slum environments.[2][3] Over the years, the film has achieved landmark status for the acting of cultural icon James Dean, fresh from his Academy Award nominated role in East of Eden and who died before the film's release, his most celebrated role. In 1990, Rebel Without a Cause was added to the preserved films of the United States Library of Congress's National Film Registry as being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

The story of a rebellious teenager who arrives at a new high school, meets a girl, disobeys his parents, and defies the local school bullies was a groundbreaking attempt to portray the moral decay of American youth, critique parental style, and explore the differences and conflicts between generations. The title was adopted from psychiatrist Robert M. Lindner's 1944 book, Rebel Without a Cause: The Hypnoanalysis of a Criminal Psychopath. The film itself, however, does not reference Lindner's book in any way.

Warner Bros. released the film on October 27, 1955, less than one month after Dean's fatal car crash.


From the time of Joshua Israel had been led by judges of which Samuel was a perfect example. We pick up our story in chapter 8

I. The Causes of Rebellion

a. Self-reliance – We have a “me do it” mentality

b. Stubbornness


Here is a transcript of a conversation between my three year old grandson and I this week:

"Help put away the toys, please."


"Come on, Aaron. Please help to put away the toys."


"Tell you what, you help put away the toys and you'll get a treat afterwards."

"I'm tired."

"You're stubborn."

"No, I'm not stubborn."

"Oh yes you are."

"No. I'm not stubborn."

"Do you know what stubborn means?"


"Stubborn is when you won't do what someone asks and you won't change your mind about it."

"I am stubborn, then."

c. Self-importance – Pride is the source of all sin and rebellion.


I was living in Phoenix at the time and on my way to work I stopped at a Dunkin Donuts drive through. I said to the woman at the window, "I'll have 3 cake donuts and a cup of coffee."

She started mumbling something that I couldn't hear. I thought she may be able to hear me if she opened that window. It was early, I hadn't had my coffee and was getting annoyed. OK, I was annoyed.

AGAIN, cake donuts and coffee, again I hear her mumbling through the glass. I thought "I'm going to have to stick my head through the window of hers and let everyone know inside the restaurant what I WANT!" and of course I did.

I leaned forward to tell her what I thought, and SMACK. She had not forgotten to pull her window open--I had forgotten to roll down my window! I hit my head on my window so hard I saw stars. She started laughing and I can't tell you how embarrassed I was. I finally got my 3 cake donuts and my coffee and drove sheepishly away with her still laughing.

II. The Consequences of Rebellion

a. For your faith – Saul is rejected from being king and is reduced to seeking guidance from a medium, soothsayer.

b. For your family – The much beloved Jonathon and two brothers die in battle with his father and their bodies are stripped and hung on the city wall of Bethshan by the Philistines.

c. For your future – Saul takes his own life.

III. The Cure for Rebellion

a. Listen to your Conscience


A man in North Carolina bought a new car with a voice-warning system. ... At first he was amused to hear the soft female voice gently remind him that his seat belt wasn’t fastened. ... Edwin affectionately called this voice the "little woman."

He soon discovered his little woman was programmed to warn him about his gasoline. "Your fuel level is low," she said one time in her sweet voice. Edwin nodded his head and thanked her. He figured he still had enough to go another fifty miles, so he kept on driving. But a few minutes later, her voice interrupted again with the same warning.

And so it went over and over. Although he knew it was the same recording, Edwin thought her voice sounded harsher each time. Finally, he stopped his car and crawled under the dashboard. After a quick search, he found the appropriate wires and gave them a good yank. So much for the little woman!

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