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Summary: This message provides hope in the most futile situations.

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"Rebuilding Broken Walls"

Introduction: Our Nation is filled with broken walls.The walls of human morality have fallen. The wall of the Christian family have fallen. The walls of peace are crumbling all around us. The walls of our military might have been weaken by exploitation and evil association. The walls of prayerfulness have been replaced by secularism and humanism. Yet God is still calling a people at this very hour to rebuild broken walls.

In the words of our text, Nehemiah displayed many components of successful leadership.

1. He established reasonable and attainable goals.

2. He had a sense of mission.

3. He was willing to get envolved.

4. He altered his priorities to accomplish his goals.

5. He patiently waited for God’s timing.

6. He respected his superior.

7. He prayed at crucial times.

8. He made his request with tactfulness.

9. He estimated the cost beforehand.

10.He utilized time for work and rest.

11.He informed others after thorough consideration.

12.He identified himself with the people.

13.He assured them that God was with them.

14.He did not argue with his enemies.

15.He maintained confidence in God throughout.

In the First place, We Must Have Reflecting Minds.

Broken walls are not simply scattered wood. But it is a symbol of human labor, shattered dreams and human failure. The mind that reflects is more prone to feel the passion of both, lost and possibility. When revisiting broken walls, we must consider the following:

A. What was

B. What happen

C. What can be done

In the Second place, We Must Have Working Minds. Nehemiah said that the people had a mind to work. vs 6 Note the words, the people. This implies 3 things:

A. Diversity

B. Unity

C. Obedience (They had a mind to work)

In the Third place, We Must Have Prayerful Hearts. vs 9 Praying people are categorized at least three ways.

A. God aware

B. God directed

C. God empowered

In the Fourth place, We Must Have Courageous Minds. vs 14.

A. Vision

B. Cause

C. Determination

In the Fifth place, We Must Have Focus Minds. VS 14

A. Remember the Lord

B. Remember His greatness/awesomeness

C. Remember your predecessors/families

In the Sixth place, We Must Have Watchful Minds. Vs 9

We must watch evil day and night. We must remain vigilant of the wiles of the devil.

A. We must watch ourselves

B. We must watch for temptation

C. We must watch for satanic wiles among us

Conclusion: It’s time to revisit the broken walls of your neighborhood.

We must revisit the crackhouse....

We must revisit the street corners....

We must revisit the bars of depression....

We must revisit the young and the restless....

We must revisit the prayerless schools....

We must revisit the abandoned nursing homes....

We must revisit the gloomy hospitals....

We must revisit the jailhouses....

We must revisit abandoned parents....

We must revisit our sleeping churches....

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