Summary: A message for those renewing their lives while recovering from an addiction

Rebuilding you.

You should be complemented for what you have done. You have taken not one but, many steps to rebuild yourself, from the ground up.

Some of us when we take a step that we are unsure of, we are not comfortable.

The problems we face every day is whether we are doing the right thing or not.

Jesus met many people who were doubting who he was while he was here on the earth.

Was He the true messiah or another imposter that they had seen before?

When he came it must have been hard to take the step that he was called to do. It must have been kind of like the step that you took to be here where you are now.

Here is a story that I read in a book by Max Lucado. It goes like this;

Each of us has a calling in life and the Lord knew what yours and mine were before we were even born. Now you are saying, “With all that I have done wrong in my life, with all that has happened, why did he let me end up where I am now?.”

Because you were made for a purpose.

As you continue with your recovery and rebuilding more of you, you will start thinking about your future more.




And hopefully,,,,, praying.

As you continue to recover from what has brought you where you have been in life to where you are now, you have be able to accomplish in your recovery in life with direction from the Lord.

He can be with you if you let him.


In the Bible, the book of Hebrews chapter 11 is about faith. As we read though it the chapter gives us examples of faith by different people throughput the Bible who were not perfect.

Let’s read some.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Many people in life have done things by faith. Over the years many have done so.

Before Christ a man started building a giant boat in faith and saved those God had chosen along with 2 of each of all of the animals of the earth. His name was Noah.

A man named Moses was a Hebrew baby, then the prince of Egypt, a murderer and then the man led the freedom of the Jews from slavery and then brought us the Ten Commandments.

A man who was born in a stable, became a carpenter, and then gave his life for your and my sins and provide everlasting life. Jesus

In 1492 a man named Columbus journeyed far landed on a land that he had a hope would be there.

In the 1600’s a group of people sailed across the ocean to hopefully start a new life. The Quajers.

In the 1700’s a man named Washington who had led many people to not be ruled by a king and would be independent took a step and became our first president.

In the 1800’s a man who had lost elections to be in political office won one and became our president and then freed the people who had been slaves in our country for too long. Abraham Lincoln

In the late 1800’s a man who after trying 1,000 times finally made the light go on. Thomas Edison

In the 1947 a single man led a peaceful movement to make India an independent country free from rule by Great Britain for over 100 years. Ghandi.

1970 A man who created a small computer program that we most of us use even on our phones. Microsoft owner Bill Gates

God has created and used many people throughout time here of the earth. Hid earth.

He created you for a purpose also.

“How can you say that?”, you say.

I know it because you are a breathing living human being who has been through many things in your life and has survived. You are here this moment, at this time, for a purpose.


What is that purpose?

What is your purpose?

I don’t know, but God does. He created and sent his son to live on this earth and live as a man. He felt sorrow.

He felt joy.

He felt pain and suffering.

He saw people who were hurting in physical and emotional pain.

He felt the pain they were going through.

He also experienced their joy when their life changed.

While Jesus was here on earth he experienced many things as a man.

Jesus healed people physically but also he healed their spirit man.

Now what do you do?

You can spend time seeking, asking, listening and waiting for the Lord to show you what he desires for your life.

Get closer to him.

Pray for your desires

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