Summary: The message addreses the need for the Truth to be taught and preached and received in this present day. It is the truth that sets men free.

Sermon Prepared By Gary Smith For Lexington Church Of God, For Sunday Morning, April 7th, 2002

“Receiving The TRUTH”

(Part One)

TEXT: Prov 23:23 (KJV) 23 Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and

instruction, and understanding.


A. It is a good thing for any individual to search the scriptures, to become

familiar with the Christian Doctrines and to know what he or she believes

and why.

When we have the truth hidden well within our hearts, then we have

sufficient supplies to make it in the day of trial and testing.

By hidden, I mean like a seed that has be planted in the soil, covered

sufficiently by the soil, so that the birds cannot swoop down and remove


This is the purpose of the parable of the “Sower and the Seed” which was

spoken by Jesus and recorded in; Matt. 13:3-8, & Mark 4: 13-20,

Luke 8:11-15

B. It is also good for any church or denomination to come together for the

purpose of re-affirming their doctrines, making sure that their doctrines

And teachings line up with God’s Word.

After all, this is God’s Church, He should have the say in what we preach

and teach and in the way we conduct the business of soul wining.

*But the sad reality is: so many

churches as well as entire demnominations are coming

together to go over their doctrines and teachings not so much as to be

sure that they are aligned with His Holy Word, but rather to make sure

that they can appeal to larger crowds.

It is the "give em what they want to hear and they will come" message.

* Many even reject certain parts of the Bible and claim that all of the Bible cannot be taken as truth.

Example: The virgin birth of Christ

The death and resurrection of Christ

That Christ is the Son of God.

That salvation is by Christ and by Christ alone.

* If you throw away these beliefs, then you may as well throw the rest of the Bible out also!

* The whole plan of salvation evolves around Christ, Him crucified and Resurrected, as well as ascended to the throne of God to make Intercession for you and me.

Someone asked me to interpet this scripture the other day and this moved me to give this passage more thought.

Out of this the Lord begin to give me some thoughts and I felt His leading of this sermon.

I. Buy The Truth

A. This conveys the idea of searching for the truth,

finding the truth, latching on to the truth.


Arckeoligist dig up the earth in search of a vauable


They dig for Indian relics, civil war relics,

In Egypt, they dig in search for the boby and the belongings of the Pharaohs.

Christians labor to know the TRUTH; diging in God’s Word, Attending Sunday School, Attending Worship Services etc...

Strong’s Hebrew Number 7069

trooth (Hebrew [’emeth], Hebrew [emunah], primary idea of "firmness," "stability" (compare Ex 17:12), hence "constancy," "faithfulness," etc.; the

B. It is God’s desire that every Christian be firmly

rooted in the Word.

(1) The Word of God will bring stability to the

Christian life.

So that we are not constantly up and down and

tossed by every wind of doctrine that comes


And there are a lot of strange doctrines out

there that have absolutely nothing to do with

God’s Word.


(2) We are commanded to be faithful unto the Lord.

As we read, hear, and receive the TRUTH (God’s Word), it builds

character and people of character are committed to God

at all times, through the thick and the thin.

C. The word “Buy” can also be translated “GET”

1. Get the truth, reach for the truth, strive for the truth, hunger for the truth, thirst for the truth.

2. In fact some translations say “Get the truth” in place of “Buy the truth”

D. So many people today are confused and they don’t even know what they believe anymore.

Why is this so? Many of the them have heard too many watered down

sermons and sermons on man made philosophies.

1. They have heard some minister get up Sunday after Sunday and preach

things that are contrary to God’s Word.

2. There are many who profess to be Ministers of the Gospel who never

even quote the Bible in during their so-called sermons.

E. People are starving for the Word, Congregations are starving for the Word.

1. America is suffering through a famine right now, a drought, a shortage Of the Word!

2. The Apostle Paul instructed a young pastor by the name of Timothy to;

2 Timothy 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

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