Summary: This message explores four things we need to quit doing in order to make our Christmas season more peaceful.

- Luke 2:14 - the promise of peace.


- largely an exercise in doing less, so we’re going to talk about 4 things we need to quit.

1. Quit trying to please everyone.

- Luke 5:15-16.

- so many wanting a piece of His time, yet He withdraws.

- at the end of the day, you can’t everybody and God happy.

- the many obligations during the Christmas season.

2. Quit trying to be the perfect host.

- Luke 10:38-42.

- as we have guests over, we often drive ourselves crazy by our unnecessarily high standards.

- idea of Suzi trying to do all the cooking for a church dinner by herself.

- would it really be that bad to let others bring stuff?

- would it really be that bad if the house wasn’t immaculate? (I know the ladies are going to

accuse me of not understanding because I’m a man.)

3. Quit buying so much.

- Luke 12:15.

- show of hands: how many of you regularly run into the problem of not being able to think of a

single thing that someone on your list needs.

- going to those people and establishing a “mutual-nonaggression treaty” (or buying them a

“present” for the Union Mission).

4. Quit running around and go sit down.

- Luke 22:14.

- Jesus, facing the worst day of His life, chooses to spend His precious time with His friends.

- spend some time enjoying the company of those who mean the most to you (family and God).

- do you spend more time of your holiday focusing of your presents for your family or your

presence with your family?

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