Summary: A study of the book of Nehemiah. Focusing on renewal and cooperation.


In this passage of Scripture we see the wisdom of Nehemiah as he prepares to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. As we look at this passage, I want us to focus on what God would have us do as we prepare to rebuild the walls of our spiritual lives.

If we are really honest with God and with ourselves we would have to admit that some of us have had the walls of our spiritual lives knocked down and destroyed. For many of us our spiritual walls lie in ruin. We are vulnerable to the attacks of our adversary and we feel like we are a disgrace just like Nehemiah did.

So how do we begin to rebuild our spiritual walls? What principles can we learn from the actions of Nehemiah that can help guide us through the process of rebuilding?

I see four principles from our text:

I. Examine Your Walls (2:11-15)

See Psalm 139:23-24

II. Enlist In The Work (2:16-18)

III. Expect To Have Opposition (2:19)

IV. Exercise Confidence In God (2:20)


Nehemiah knew that God would give them success because Nehemiah had sought God’s will and allowed Him to bring him to a point of complete brokenness.

He understood that it was God’s heart and God’s plan to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. If it would have been Nehemiah’s own personal dream and plan then it would have failed. But because it was God’s plan, He would give them success.

Because Nehemiah had confidence in God, it gave them the courage to begin the work of rebuilding in spite of the ridicule and opposition of some. There will be some that will not want to see you succeed in rebuilding your spiritual walls, they will ridicule you and oppose you. Will you be obedient to God and accomplish what He desires for your life and for the life of His church or will you listen to those who ridicule and oppose and miss out on everything God has for you?

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