Summary: Paul describes the importance of the Grace of God, the Blood of Jesus Christ and the Forgiveness of Sins. The power of the Blood of Jesus is incomparable and unique in nature to wash away our sins. Draw near to God for your salvation.

The blessings of the Redemption- Eph.1:7


Blessings are seen and measured with house, ornament, dress, vehicles, and positions. That is known as riches, honours, beauty and pleasures. The source of blessing is God the Father (Eph.1:3). The obedience to the Word of God leads to High place with spiritual, physical, material benefits (Dt.28:1-2), whereas disobedience brings curses (Dt.28:15, Jn.10:27). The destiny of blessing and curse based on relationship with the WORD and God.

Blood of Jesus Christ (Eph 1:7)

Jesus paid the ransom for our redemption not as God, Silver but His own blood (1 Pet.1:18-19). Our minds were corrupted from the childhood (Gen.6:5-6), The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from the accusation of our own Conscience (Heb 9:14 & 1 Pet 3:21), and seared with hot iron (I Tim.4:1). Blood of Jesus Christ gives access to the presence of God (Heb.10:19). It brought us closer to God (Eph.2:13). It helps us to grow progressively, develop our attitude and mindset towards the sound and betterment of the Society as holy people (Heb.13:12 & 12:14). casting our cares on Him (1 Pet.5:7). We are Healed (Is.53:3-5). We are able to conquer Satan (Rev.12:11).

Forgiveness of Sins (Eph.1:7)

God so loved the world (Jn.3:16). He poured out his life as ransom for many (Mt.26:28). He blots out (Is.43:25). Your sins are pardoned (Is.55:7). Go and preach the forgiveness of Sins (Mt.28:20). Peter said be baptized for the forgiveness of Sins (Ac.2:38). Son of man had authority to forgive sins (Mt.9:8, Lk.7:48 anointed woman, Jn.8:1-11 adulteress). Our confession brings to forgiveness (1 Jn. 1:9).

Forgiveness reciprocated as forgive others (Mt.6:14-15, Mk.11:25–don’t hold anything, Col.3:13 -forgive grievances, Eph.4:31-32-get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, slander, malice, be kind, compassionate and forgiving, Lk.17:3-4 forgive endless times). Lord’s prayer clearly tells us that we should forgive others (Mt.6:12).

1945, World War II, young man inside a POW camp, a reluctant soldier in Hitler’s army prison camp 22 in Scotland, contemplated, cities of his homeland had been reduced to rubble and the people impoverished. His sleep was filled with repeating nightmares. He confronted with Nazi victims, the German soldier found a friend in POW, one who cried “my God my God why have you forsaken me”. In 1947 he was given permission to attend a Christian conference that brought together young people from across the world. The Dutch participants met German POWs who had fought in Netherlands. The young soldier went full of fear, guilt and shame, feelings that intensified as the Dutch Christians spoke of pain Hitler and his allies had inflicted, family and friends they had lost, disruption and damage to their communities. Yet the Dutch Christians didn’t speak out of a spirit of vindictiveness, but came to offer forgiveness. That German soldier was Juergen Moltmann, who would go on to become one of the greatest theologians of the twentieth century.

Riches of God’s grace (Eph.1:7)

The grace of God is rich and glorious. the grace is revealed through Jesus Christ (Jn.1:14,17). It is apportioned to us (Eph.4:7). He has given us more grace (Jas.4:6). The redemption brings blessings (Ex.12:35-36- Israelites brought articles of silver and gold). Jesus came to give the fullness of life (Jn.10:10). Abundance grace (2 Cor.9:8, 2 pets.1:2). His plans are for prosperity (Jer.29:11).

May God bless you


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