Summary: What are we looking with. Our Spirit, or our flesh.

Continuing our look at the NEW COVENANT

There is freedom under the new covenant

Not freedom to sin---FREEDOM FROM SIN---GET THE CD- special

2 Corinthians 5:12-17

They knew Christ after the flesh- now they know him no longer

NO LONGER WHAT—after the flesh

They have to know him after the SPIRIT

From now on---we’ll regard no one according to the flesh---but SPIRIT

This morning I want us to learn how to look at people’s spirit

See when you see something- You’ll look at it 1 of 2 ways- spirit/flesh

GIVING- I’m not giving- I’m not tithing- Church don’t need my money

When that’s our response- WE KNOW WERE USING OUR FLESH

When were challenged to give and we say YEAH, I get that---Spirit

Not every TV preacher is legit- use your spirit

Worship- Respond after flesh or spirit-

I’m not going to that- That’s silly- look at that person---fake

THAT”S NOT FOR ME---yes it is—It’s for you ---in the BIBLE

You might not do it ---but it’s for you----SPIRIT or FLESH

Why doesn’t God want us Judging after the flesh

1. more like Him 2. Puts people back under the LAW

3 people we have to regard no longer according to the flesh

1. Yourself

2. Others

3. Jesus

1. Yourself- 1 Cor 6:8-11

We have to quit seeing ourselves according to the flesh

Your flesh is dead- Your spirit’s alive

Your sprit is all God can see-

So if it’s all he can see- we should see Jesus after flesh---

Then let’s see ourselves

What if Christians lived their lives like Christ was in them- HE”S IN THEM….

Saw yourself by what Christ says you are instead of everyone else

2. Others- Romans 14:13----

We are so judgemental-

We have to learn how to see the good in people-

Expect the best out of people

If they bite you and betray your trust---Still expect the best

You can not judge and not trust at the same time

One is considering past experiences- one is hoping for a change

2 Cor 5:14--- Are all saved---NO---but lets look at them like that

3. Jesus

Everyone want to point to what Jesus did while he was here

2 cor 5:16---Quit knowing him after the flesh

If Jesus lived in your house-physically-

Wouldn’t talk how you talk- drink what you drink- wear what you wear…

But he does live in your house

We want to see him after the flesh---He alive in us----WE DON”T CARE

Yes he walked the hills--- Yes he fed the multitude

Silly to have a picture of Jesus on the cross---or a necklace

That’s knowing him after the flesh----

He got off the cross- and out of the grave----

Now he’s ruling and reigning in SPIRIT from Heaven

And fighting for me everyday----THAT’S THE 1 WE NEED TO SEE

Lets see ourselves how God sees us

Lets see others in a loving way

Lets see Jesus as the one reigning from HEAVEN

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