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Concordia Lutheran Church

Pentecost, May 23, 2010

Let us Rejoice in His Presence!

John 14:23-31

† In Jesus Name †

May the grace, that incredible love and mercy and peace, of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, sustain you, encourage you, and empower you lives of worship!

Keep = Treasure

Keep His word!

Indicative – not imperative

It is the place of highest security, even in a facility built to be secure. It holds the treasure of a lifetime and more, as it protects not just valuables, but knowledge and most importantly, the relationships held so valuable that every efforts will be made to protect that which is guarded within.

Keep is primarily a noun, a synonym for guard, and even more. hen we talk of “keeping” something, it means to place it in that most secure place, because of the value, because of the importance, because of the relationship. Because it is a treasure, and it should be treasured.

With that understanding, hear again the words from John’s gospel, so appropriate for this day. “23 Jesus answered him, “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.“

There is our promise for this day, for the two young ladies and two young men who in a few minutes will stand here and testify to their faith, and their desire to stand with all believers, here, and throughout the world, and throughout history and proclaimed their faith. They have begun to treasure God’s word, but a reminder here and now as to why, is a good thing.

First, we have to deal with the idea that this idea is a imperative command. It is not – it is indicative of what happens, as you realize God’s love, and try to return that love. Indicative verbs talk of what happens as the result of something else occurring. You guys remember how I taught you about the 10 commandments, that they are all the actions that result from God rescuing us, even as He rescued the Israelites from Egypt?

If you, because of your love, begin to keep, to guard, to treasure the word of God, I would remind you why as well. This word of God tells you of God’s promises, of His love, of His presence in every moment of your life, and in every moment of the lives of those around you, who Jesus has claimed as His.

As we celebrate the birth of the church at Pentecost, and the spiritual birth of Nathan and Nikkilyn, and the claiming of those promises of baptism by the confirmands, we shall focus on the complete promise, as seen in the promise of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. And for those of us, more mature in the faith, we remember these promises – this treasure that contains them, are ours as well!

Why is it Treasure?

Promise of the Paraclete

Teach you all things

Challenging and

Bring to rememberance

Result is peace! Peace!

Example – you would have rejoice because

The Holy Spirit is often pictured in scripture, and specifically in Christ’s promise about Pentecost and in our baptism, as the Paraclete. A few years back, the concept of what a Paraclete is, was pictured in that great theological epic movie… Cars. In the biggest race of his young career, and about to win, the young hero Lightning McQueen notices the old racer get spun out by the bad guy, and crash. He stops what he is doing, mere feet from the finish line, and goes back to push the old veteran across the finish line. That’s a paraclete – the one who comes alongside in support and comfort and helps us finish our race. Despite all our problems, despite all our sin, the Holy Spirit is poured out on us in our baptism, and strengthens us.

This strength comes through God’s word, which we treasure, and through the sacraments. The Holy Spirit uses them both to teach us all things, especially God’s love, and mercy, That can sometimes be a pain, and cause us to be a bit..upset, as God’s words calls us to repent of sin, to give up those things that serve only us, in view of what others need. It can cause us great joy as well, as the word of God tells us that we have been cleansed, that there is no longer guilt or shame. It tells us that we no longer are in bondage to sin or fear satan or even death. We are God’s – by his choice, by His action.

The Holy Spirit brings to embrace the incredible act of love, found in the cross, and in the resurrection. That the Father does indeed love us, because He sent Christ into the world to save us, and the Holy Spirit into our lives, into our very beings, to make us holy, set apart to be His people. That is part of the precious nature of the Lord’s Supper, where He shares with you His body and blood.

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