Summary: Christians today can’t get side-tracked thinking about the finish line, because the race is NOT finished for us yet! We must faithfully endure life and continue to tell people about Jesus UNTIL we are face to face with Him!

Rejoicing in Heaven

Revelation 19:1-8


- Share something on my heart this week:

-- “My prayer is that God will send faithful men and women to our church to work for His glory in reaching people for Christ.”

-- To work, we must be trained, which means faithfulness to study & prepare

-- APP: This is where our “walk” becomes tangible to those around us

- We’ve examined all of Ch. 18 with the collapse of the economic system

-- God’s judgment is final an brutal; complete and total annihilation

- Today we begin Chapter 19 which concludes the tribulation period

-- Leads us to the final battle between the armies of Satan and Christ

-- This time will only happen at the end of the Tribulation

-- It must be fulfilled to show Christ’s ultimate authority

- The application to the church is: to ensure that we are prepared

-- To be qualified (able) to teach others what the bible says

-- IMP: this is NOT the time to shy away from our responsibilities

- We can easily read this and say, “Oh great, its worship in heaven …”

-- And in that, we can TOTALLY MISS what God is saying to us

-- Stick with me, and I assure you you’ll see how it all comes full circle

- Read Revelation 19:1-8

Ω Point 1 – Celebration in Heaven (1-3)

- John is hearing the shouting of the great multitude

-- The voices of all those who have given their lives during the Tribulation

-- This shouting is one of triumphant readiness: they are prepared to do battle with Satan on behalf of Jesus Christ

- They are also cheering the destruction of Babylon

-- The root of this city was the cause for their death

-- Martyred for their faith because they dared to oppose the anti-Christ

- The great harlot represented the religious system that was setup by Satan

-- Her destruction is a time of rejoicing for those in Heaven

-- Her actions will be avenged by God and the smoke of the destruction of Babylon will be instantaneous – but the smoke of those who were destroyed (this is punishment) is still yet to come.

- Those that lived in Babylon were killed b/c they were loyal to Satan

-- Their final destruction will be at The Great White Throne (Rev 20)

- (v4) The 24 elders from Revelation 4 worshipping at the throne

-- This is the representation of the church; those who served Christ in life

-- They are celebrating the majesty of Jesus Christ; act in eternal worship

- This is where all those who were raptured from the Earth will be

-- Those that were faithful will be at the Throne for all eternity

-- This worship is what it happening now, and will continue forever …

- TRANS: This is what we wait for – this is what we need to focus on

Ω Point 2 - The Throne (v5)

- Pay special attention to the voice from the Throne

-- This is voice of the One we worship today. This is Jesus Christ!!

-- He is leading the worship of the Father. Can you imagine that service?

-- Imagine attending a worship service and Jesus is the worship leader!!

- Heaven exalts the Father, not ourselves (this is the litmus test for reality)

-- Today there is praise going on around the Throne and toward the Father in Heaven – can you imagine it?

-- Can you picture the revelation of your loved ones who have gone before us waiting to show this to you?

- If ever there was a reason to finish the race, this worship service is it

-- It is what we wait for … it is the reward for our faithfulness

-- We have got to get serious about this life and the calling to show others

-- APP: If we are not willing to do this, how can we claim Him as Lord?

Ω Point 3 – The Marriage of the Lamb (6-8)

- The Lamb is the suffering Messiah who died as a sacrifice for you and I

- (v6) What’s happening? King Jesus is celebrating with His bride!

-- This is the church and those who are faithful to follow Him

-- This bride is the entire church – from Adam to Revelation

-- Each who has lived his/her life in obedience to Christ is part of the Bride

- I want you to take away that you are part of the bride (IF you are His …)

-- BUT, the revealing of the Bridegroom has not yet happened

- We believe because we have not seen, and because of that we are blessed

-- John 20:29, “Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

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