Summary: Following the Lord’s commandment to love one another should begin at home.

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Relationships With Relation

Ephesians 5:21-6:4


Add new beatitude to Matthew 5

“Blessed is the family who does not have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Briefly recount the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Cereal – Minimum Daily Requirements changed to RDA – recommended daily allowances

Our relationships at home should, at a minimum, be as good as relationship outside the home.

Jesus said about relationships:

John 13:34-35

John 15:9-12

1 Peter 3:8-9

Matthew 20:25-28

Paul in Ephesians 5:21 wrote of submitting to one another. The biblical directive is that we love each other sincerely and in earnest – including those at home.

So, why is different at home?

Why do we, many times, treat our work associates, schoolmates, club members and church brothers and sisters better than we do our own families?

Many relationships have a common direction, charter, or goal with direct authority to guide them.

· At work we are made to work together for the goal of producing and making money.

· At school we are made to get along and study to make an acceptable grade.

· At club we are tied together by a common interest – history, community betterment, quilting, guns, gardening, sports – we could go on and on.

· At church we worship and serve the same Lord.

What is the charter or goal at home?

Let’s look at the origin of the home.

Boy sees girl – attraction – gotta have her, can’t live without her.

Goal – To bag the prize and get married.

Girl sees boy. There is a 1 in 100 chance that her eyes pop out and she says, “He is mine.” She bags her prize and gets married.

Men – 99 times out of 100 the girl turns up her nose at the male and says, “Ewww.”

Whatever case, though, what is the goal after the wedding?

Society says we should have 2 children – enough to be blessed, but not too many to overpopulate the planet earth.

After that, now what?

Honey, what do we want to work towards now?

I dunno what do you think?

I know, let’s build a house!

Do you get the picture? We get along with persons outside the home:

1. Because we have to.

2. Because of a common goal.

Paul, in Ephesians, is giving us rules of behavior in the home as a jumpstart to getting our relationships to relation back on track.

Paul also gave us the authority, or the supervision that we are under in verse 21, “in the fear of God.”

Wives, you are being bombarded by the world today.

Economics – More wives are working outside the home today than ever before.

Social – You are being given the worldview on how to become equal with your husband. To the man whose chest has dropped to his stomach and has really bad breath when he wakes up. Then you come to church and get hammered by the one-sided sermon the you should submit – TO HIM?

Husbands, you are also being bombarded. Be a man’s man!

Do not let your wife henpeck you!

It is YOUR career, and you have to climb to the top to provide for the family.

Defend your position, dig in deep, against those women-libbers.

You come to church and hear the same message as your wife. She is supposed to submit to YOU.

This gives you the gift of prophecy.

You go home and redeliver the message of God that wives are to submit themselves to their husbands, SO WOMAN, GET ME SOMETHING TO EAT – NOW!

Children, you are bombarded by the world, too.

Generation gap.

Parents are too strict.

Our generation is different – you don’t understand.

You come to church and hear that you have to honor your parent. These are the same guys that grounded you just because you came in a little late or didn’t get you exactly the right kind of clothes, or made you clean your room right when your very favoritest TV show was coming on.

Parents, you get a triple whammy – relationships against one another, AND your folks, AND the kids.

The world tells you that this is the worst generation.

· Oh, so you have a teenager – I pity you.

· Babies? Man, they sure do tie you down don’t they?

You come to church and hear the same message that children are supposed to honor you.

You begin, immediately, making up the list of commandments to ensure this happens.

We see all of these verses in reverse!

We hear how we are supposed to be treated and then we begin building the defensive walls when that does not happen.


Husbands shut your ears.

Wife honor and submit yourself to your husband.

You are supposed to submit yourself to everyone anyway, so why not him?

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