Summary: Jesus calls us to reflect His light.

Reflecting His Light

Missionary Conference 2002


1. This little light of mine

I. The More lights the Merrier

A. Explanation

1. Turn in your Bibles to 1 Corinthians 12:12-26

2. This is not difficult stuff to understand

3. Take it word for word, a foot cannot be ear. An Eye can not be a finger

4. This is common sense

5. It applies also to how we relate to one another

6. Maybe the thought of being up here in front of everyone is a scary thought, Personally I enjoy it more then I ever thought that I would

B. Application

1. There is something that we need get rid of. That is this idea that w all have to conform and be carbon copies of each other

2. We are all different.

3. I think the worse thing that we could do is try to and be like everyone else

4. Shining together -- we are horrible at that

5. We don’t want to work with the Methodist or Baptist

6. Imagine if we get rid of that foolishness

7. Imagine were we would be. Imagine all the great things that we could accomplish for God.

C. Illustration

II. Hide it under bushel? NO! Let is shine

A. Explanation

1. Turn to Eph. 5:8-14

2. Folks we are in the light (Can I get an Amen)

3. Let me tell you though everything that you will do will be seen cause you are in the light

4. Use the light to expose fruitless deeds

B. Application

1. Take the light and shine it in the darkness

2. Do not sit there and absorb the light

3. Don’t Block the light

4. Reflect the Light

5. Shine the Light

6. Show the Light

C. Illustration

1. A prism. How beautiful that looks. Be willing to be a prism

III. To Boldly Go were no light has gone before

A. Explanation

1. Turn with me to 1 Cor 9:22

2. if you read a little before that you will understand that Paul is talking about what he will do to win a person to Christ

3. Sure Paul was entitled to do a lot more but he chose not to

4. Paul only wanted to do what would help to advance the Gospel

B. Application

1. Think about Missionary for a sec.

2. The give up their rights all the time

3. They go to countries that do not have freedom like we do

4. They leave families behind

5. They often don’t even send their kid to a school 10 hrs or less away.

6. Think about the 2 years they spend in language study

7. Think about the cultural training

8. They learn to live like the people they are ministering to.

9. Why do they do that? To advance the Gospel!

10. Here is the problem though, what would happen if someone different were to walk in how would we treat them?

11. Our ways can quickly become our gods. Nothing must ever come in the way of God and witnessing

C. Illustration


1. God is a Holy God

2. WE are to reflect His Holiness

3. Are we even trying?

4. Maybe that means being a Touncil in the Body of Christ

5. Maybe that means showing the Light

6. Maybe that means giving up your “rights” and serving God

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