Summary: To restore the power of Pentecost, people must start telling the Christ story again. Only in preaching Christ will the world come to a saving relationship with the Lord.

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TEXT: ACTS 2:22-36

Recently I had Bible study with a nice younger family in their home. The family stated that they needed to know the Bible better. The family had no church experience or religious background. The husband and wife had difficulty even finding some of the books of the New Testament. But this couple was hungry for the truth of God’s word. It was a Monday evening around 7:00pm. I showed up at the house with my bible and some source material. It was a perfect evening to study as the couple had two small children but the wife’s mother agreed to keep the children so we could study the Bible together. The husband and wife were not strong readers, but seemed to understand most of the verses we looked at. The couple expressed the desire to keep the study simple as they did not know much about God and the Bible. I did this to the best of my ability. The first verse we looked at was Romans 5:12 about Adam making all men sinners. I explained to them that the tern sinned is not an Aorist tense in the Greek language. In fact I showed them in my Greek New Testament. They seemed to agree with me, as I explained to them that the term sin is ’Harmation’ in the original language of the Bible and it is a omni-present tense in the Greek understanding of the action of the word. Then I asked them if they were sinners, which they admitted that they were. In fact the husband said he was a huge sinner. The wife did not go that far, but did admit she did a lot of things wrong in life. Since they seemed to have good hearts, I went to Acts 2:38 to prove that they needed to be baptized. I wanted them to understand first that the Methodists were wrong, even though they were not Methodist by proving that baptism was immersion. I showed them my Greek New Testament again to prove my point. They agreed it was a burial from reading Romans 6 too. Then I wanted to prove the Baptists wrong by defending the argument that the wording in the Greek language in Acts 2:38 is the same person. As the Baptist say that repentance is in the second person plural and baptism is in the third person plural which means to the Baptist that repentance and Baptist are not connected. I gave them a lesson in the endings for masculine, feminine, and neuter in the Greek language. That you could interpret these phrases as plural neuter or see them as different in a different person in the Greek. This seemed to agree. But after this the people seem to tune me out. They stopped listening to my words and they said they were tired and needed to end the study. I was disappointed that the people did not accept the simple Gospel.

Hopefully by this point, you noticed or hoped to believe that this is a fictional story. This study never took place. I never walked into a home to confuse people to way. But I wanted to illustration a power point about Pentecost. Pentecost is power because of the message that was preached. The message was simple and straightforward. It was "Jesus is the Son of God. He is the son of God. On the day of Pentecost, Peter does not preach theory, speculation, or philosophy, but he preaches Christ and Him crucified. Peter records the Jesus story for the people. The power of Pentecost is found by the preaching of Christ.

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