Summary: It's one thing to make a membership covenant as a church and another to actually walk in covenant with one another. This is a message to remind the church about covenant and challenge them to walk faithfully with one another.

Learning to Live in Covenant Relationships


Do two calk together unless they have agreed to do so?

Amos 3:3

What is Covenant?

Covenant is an agreement to an unbreakable lifetime relationship.

What are the elements or key parts of a covenant?

Covenant is based in relationship.

Words are spoken and written in agreement - the terms of the covenant.

A memorial sign or seal is set to remember the covenant.

Blessing and curses: the reward for keeping the covenant and punishment for breaking the covenant.

What is sin?

Sin has been described as rebellion against God. Rebellion is to push against one with who you are in a relationship.

I simple terms sin is the breaking of a covenant relationship.

As believers, who are we in covenant with?

Through Christ we are brought into a covenant relationship with God.

In Christ we are in covenant with one another as members of His body.

Leaning to Live in Covenant Relationships

How have you changed because you have agreed to walk in covenant with God and the members of His body? What's your score - rate yourself from 1-10?

With whom are you growing in covenant relationship?

Have you expanded your relationships to include someone new?

Who have you invited to dinner or to come to your home?

Who have you prayed for this week? Or better, who have you prayed with?

Have you come alongside to help someone in the body during a time of need?

Whose need have you made known to the pastor or church leadership so the body of Christ could minister to them as a community of faith?

Have you shared with others how God is working in your life?

Who have you encouraged to grow in their relationship with Christ?

What one thing could you do in the next three months to improve your commitment to the body of Christ at Life Chruch?


In what way have you agreed to walk in covenant - with God? - with one another?

What next step is the LORD directing you to take to walk in covenant?

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