Summary: Our nation continues to remove the precious landmarks established by God, and by our forefathers. What can we do ?

Prov. 22:28, 23:10

When the nation of Israel possessed the land, God divided up the land into territories for each of the 12 tribes. They were marked by boundaries or landmarks. Over the years, people tried to reestablish the boundaries by moving the landmarks.

God said twice in two consecutive chapters....."Remove not...."

In our nation we have seen the removal of the landmarks established by the Lord, and our founding fathers.

1. The Landmark of Scripture Removed.

Turn on the radio or the tube and on any day you will find the airwaves filled with obscenity, profanity, and vulgarity. Yet, this past week we witnessed another sad chapter in America’s recent history. We have taken another step in our downward spiral. What a sad day when The Ten Commandments are relagated to a closet in a courttoom. Less than two years ago we witnessed this nation under attack from terrorists.....but I am convinced that the one’s that we need to fear the most are those from within who are attacking the very core of our nation. It is terrorists that are fighting for the removal of every thing sacred, and Godly from the public sector that we must keep our eyes on.

2. The Landmark Of The Sanctity Of Life Removed.

We were born a nation who respected the value of life, and our forefathers believed in a creator that brought life into existence.

Now we are a nation with streets flowing with blood.....our young dying in the streets......our schools threatened on a regular basis.....child abuse is rampant.......majority of crimes against children committed by someone related to them. We are a nation that glorifies violence ! How did we get to this blood thirsty state ? I believe there is a direct correlation between the rise in violence in our society, and the legalization of abortion.

How can we respect the life of any.....if we fail to respect, and protect life in the womb ? If we will not speak up for the most innocent of all....the unborn who have no voice to speak with....what will become of us ?

3. The Landmark Of The Sacredness Of Marriage Removed.

The act of marriage is sacred because it was established by God in the beginning. It was validated by the Lord Jesus himself. God performed the first ceremony in the garden setting the landmark for marriage when he said....."For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and they shall be one flesh...." Marriage is defined by God himself as between a husband and wife ! Yet......many our country today are seeking to defile the act and institution of marriage by extending the bounds to include the marriage of Sodomites ! low will folks go when they are in a cesspool of sin !

To add even more shame to these despicable acts...we have churches ordaining, and placing their stamp of approval on such filthy, abominable, God hating relationships ! Oh God....hwo much more patient can you be with this country ! How much longer before his hand of judgment comes down upon us !

What can we as believers do ?

1 Tim 2

1. We must pray constantly for our leaders ! Vs. 1-2

There has never been nor will there be a revival that was not first brought on by prayers. We need to pray confessing our personal sin, and then confess our national sins, and ask God to sin a revival !

2. We must practice Christianity in our lives.

We get our dander all stirred up over the events such as what happened in Montgomery......but is the word of God really of such value to us. Do we read it......practice it ? I wonder how many of those folks lying on the sidewalk could quote the 10 commandments ? We get all upset over prayer not being allowed in schools.....but are we praying where we can !

Do we pray at the house....with our families.....with our children ?

How many times have we prayed for the lost recently ?

We must walk the walk....not just talk the talk !

3. We must preach Christ to the lost.

The only hope for mankind is Jesus. The only way of escaping the judgement of God is through the Lord Jesus Christ. We must preach Christ......perhaps our nation would not be in the moral, and spiritual condition that we find ourselves in if the church had met the demands of the great commission.

The altars are open this morning......God can use you, and our church to make a difference.

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