Summary: PROPOSITION: Because Christ fulfilled His covenant with the Father, you must fulfill your covenants with Christ.

Renew Your Covenant with God

Joshua 24

I. Remember God’s faithfulness! v. 1-13

A. God has chosen you out of the world (2-4).

1. Your ancestors served other gods (2).

2. Your ancestors were blessed by me (3).

B. God delivered you out of helplessness (5-13).

1. I brought you out of bondage and oppression (5-6).

2. I protected you from your enemies (7-12).

3. I gave you the Promised Land (11-13).

II. Renew your commitment regularly! v. 15-18, 21, 24

A. Forsake your pagan gods (14-15).

1. Don’t submit to the gods of pre-Noah.

2. Don’t submit to the gods of the Amorites.

B. Follow the one true LORD (16-18).

1. Do submit to the God that has provided (16-17).

2. Do submit to your responsibility to serve God (18).

III. Throw out your idols immediately! v. 14, 19-20, 23

A. No man can serve two masters (19-20).

1. His essence requires your 100% allegiance (19).

2. His essence requires judgment of sin (20).

B. Every Christian must forsake their idols (23).

1. Get your heart clear of idols.

2. Get your life clear of idols.

IV. Always keep yourself accountable to someone! v. 22, 25-28

A. Strengthen your decision through a visible expression of commitment (25b-27).

1. A statute and ordinance was set in Shechem (25).

2. A stone was set as a permanent witness (26-27).

B. Sustain your decision through a commitment to one another (25a).

1. Are you serious about keeping your commitment to Christ?

2. Will you seek out someone to help you fulfill your decision?

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