Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Ask someone,…do you have a good report

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

November 16, 2014

“Report on the Exploration”

**All sermons are in condensed form***

Preach about, “think about it” people excited sermon title alone

• great feedback last week/same Scripture

• Phil. 4:8-9 not enough to discover/right thoughts/but to do.

When you get God:

• Peace/joy/courage/strength

• I’m not really a courageous person…

• if/believer just haven’t awakened/sleeping giant within you

• Paul says the way to awaken it is…back to verse 8

1. This/one I/focus on…of Good report(NKJV)

• Ask someone,…do you have a good report

• world today/always/bad news

• Church today…Christians..believers

• Ought/people of a good report/in/world full of bad news.


I’m inferring/ps. 112 look/what a great goal to live by

• 112:6a….we want/stable people have/foundation

• We want/have/base/anchored/something deeper/our emotions

• 6b-7….pretty hard thing to believe

• can actually get/place/relationship/God/no fear/bad news

• 112:8…so you have stable, steadfast and secure.

• “It’s already written.” “It’s already written.”

• Back to v. 7 I want/know/even possible—no fear.


Triggering Bad news:

A lot people/weak not because/bad news they receive

But because/bad news they think they might receive

• Notice God says—fear of bad news….

• certain statements/things/hear/trigger/fear of bad news

• phone ring of a teenager after 10 pm

• certain emotion that happens inside

• Too young for caller ID.

• Certain people/email/trigger bad news.

If you go through enough seasons in your life you’ll be afraid for the phone to ring at all.

• Wave/wave/bad news can hit you

• finally it starts to erode you confidence

• Littlest thing can send you off/million different directions.


Joy/saying sometimes: “I need to talk to you about something”

• I don’t like that phrase

• every muscle in my body clinch/sees me bracing/it’s not bad

• Talk about dinner sat night/doesn’t need/prefaced by…..

• It’s not that bad/sometimes she’ll just take off……then I know brace for it…….tell someone brace for it…

• Boss wants to see you……doing well….not so well….

When you get enough bad news it creates an undercurrent in your spirit.

• Talk/you about/fear/bad news--what to do about bad news

• Paul said/NT think about such things of good report.

• Of good report

• Psalmist said God’s people should have no fear of bad news.


2. The report you believe much more important than the news you receive. Clap….

• Goodness/God/around us I would compare/OT promise land

• have an image: Moses/went/promise land/defeat/enemies

• land/God/promised/give/Abraham/Isaac/Jacob

• Moses/supposed/one to take them in but he doesn’t

• before they went/God said/send/few reporters/land

• God gives/some specific instructions he says I want them to explore the land we’ll pick it up in numbers13:17-20…..


Notice what Moses does not command them to investigate

• Never asks them/strong enough to do/God/called them/do

• tells them/size up their situation

• never tells them to size up themselves

• God knows/you start/size up yourself you’ll always retreat/fear

• says size up/situation/never tells them/size up themselves

• God says we are to magnify him with our worship

• magnify god doesn’t mean that you make him bigger

• Means you bring him/closer/see him for who he really is.

When I magnify God I see him bigger…I raise my voice get excited cause I see a vision


The report you believe determines the future you experience

• Watch this:

• Not/news you receive, but the report you believe.

• Determines the future you experience

Numbers 13:21-26…they reported…..good trip..


• These blessings---fruit/land /God has given

• these grapes (hold the bible)here’s/proof of God’s promise

• grapes represent the reality…that’s what God/giving them


What they say next represents their perspective…

• blow your mind/you experience your perspective

• we don’t experience our reality

• We experience our perspective of reality

You/carrying grapes your shoulders but be so worried about giants---you never go into the land and get what God gave you.


Numbers 13:27-28

• promise is true but the people

• Promise land is every bit what we thought it would be..

• But/people who live there are very powerful…perspective

…the cities are fortified…doesn’t it seem strange to God when you start telling your God who is all powerful how powerful your enemies are who he called you to defeat.

• that must annoy/aggravate him

• Caleb/Joshua were two/twelve

• I found out/10--2 ratio/we can’t/we can

• 10to 2 for most people

• Some/us/positive/happy-rest/us are trying to get that way

• 10 spies/talking about giants/2 spies talking about grapes

• 10 spies---problems 2 spies ---promises


I don’t want you to think about the spies in this passage but the spies that are in your mind.

• these thoughts that go out and survey

• what God can do through you

• what God is calling you to do/dream God put in you

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