Summary: Everybody feels like giving up sometimes. It’’s a very important time to consider your options carefully.

When You Feel Life Giving Up

(1 Kings 19:1-18)

Elijah’s predicament.

1.) Everyone has felt like giving up at some time or the other.

2.) Even giving up the spiritual battle when it waxes hot, frustrations build, and energies ebb.

3.) We must face the question, “What do I do when I feel like giving up?”

4.) Here we find Elijah “the prophet of fire” hiding under a juniper tree. [context]

What are the alternatives when you feel like giving up?

1- You Can Resign.

1.) This was Elijah’s first thought! [Quit the Prophet business!]

2.) This is a normal response to pressure. [Search for alternatives]

3.) You’ve got to ask yourself, “Is it worth it? Why did I commit myself?”

2- You Can Become Resigned.

1.) Elijah, “Nobody else is doing their job, why me.”

2.) To be resigned is not to quit but to quit caring. [Love grown cold]

3.) Are you still going on with your but your heart is not in it?

3- Or, You Can Re-Sign.

1.) More fully committed! [Illus Coach don’t cross the sideline w/o commitment]

2.) Why did God have the things happen to him as they did? [depressed!]

(1) Rest (v. 5) (2) Refreshment (vv. 5-8) (3) Long journey (v. 8)

3.) God asked Elijah the same question twice. (V 9c, 13c)

4.) After God’s reasoning process Elijah is ready for new orders. (vv. 9-18)

5.) Don’t make any split second decisions when you feel like giving up.

6.) You can get back into your dream!!! Re-Sign!!!

Conclusion: What are the alternatives? (I - III)

Application: Do you find yourself in need of making some decisions tonight?

(1) Spiritual (2) Family (3) Your ministry, etc…

Appeal: Re-Sign!!! Step out of the pew, come to the altar, meet God & pray!

Unsaved: Sign-Up!!! Come to the altar and accept Jesus.

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