Summary: Every year people make resolutions. Actually, they make goals because they don't understand what resolve is. In 2013, New Beginnings is setting out to RESOLVE to be more like Jesus. Chazown by Craig Groeschel will be referenced in this 10 wk. series.

This is an outline of the message preached .

What are 5 common resolutions people make?

A goal is something you wish to achieve. A resolution is the means by which you achieve it. [Give an illustration of goals without resolve]

The Christian’s goal is to become like Jesus. Romans 8:29

How do we reach that goal? Through the work of the Holy Spirit and making firm decisions, or resolving, to change our minds. Romans 12.

A few biblical examples of resolve:

Noah resolved to build of the ark on dry land. Joseph resolved to trust God regardless of circumstances. Joshua resolved to serve the Lord in the midst of other gods. Ruth resolved to remain with her mother in law in a foreign land. Daniel resolved to refrain and remain regardless of the law. Paul resolved to preach Christ and His Kingdom in the midst of tremendous persecution.

Genesis 6-7; 37-50; Joshua 24; Ruth 1:11-18; Daniel 1:8-21; Acts 9-28

Most importantly, Jesus resolved to fulfill His plan in redeeming us knowing the cost and despite our sin.

5 areas of our lives that require resolve:

1. Our relationship with God. [greatest command to love God]

2. Our relationships with people. [2nd greatest command to love people]

3. Our stewardship of belongings. [time, talents, and treasure]

4. Our attitude towards work. [work is not a bad 4 letter word]

5. Our need to live a healthier lifestyle. [temple appearance and structure]

The first step in resolve is to repent. Acts 2. Repent means to change one’s mind [specifically toward sin]. Romans 12 tells us to transform our minds and not to conform to the world. For the believer, this means to turn back to God in complete surrender. For the nonbeliever, John 3 tells us that we need to be born again. We cannot RESOLVE to be more like Jesus until we first repent. Before we can resolve areas in our life we must take the first step of repentance.

Next week, we will look at the first hindrance in our relationship with God.

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