Summary: Pain and sorrow has scar our lives each and every day, we often seek other means to comfort us and give us peace of mind. However, in Christ Alone Our Hope Is Found.

Key Verses: 94:12-19, 22, 23.

In this Psalms we find David praying to God to take revenge against his enemies, and to judge the wicked people that are so cruel to God’s people. But as he closes this chapter, David praises God’s comfort and loving care. He reassured us that by obeying Jesus, we will find rest in His arms.

If anyone who knows so much about enemies, is definitely David.

You can say at the start he was nearly forgotten by his family. When the prophet Samuel came to their home for the anointment of the next king. All his elder brothers were passed before the prophet, but not David. He was only remembered when the prophet Samuel ask Jesse if there is anyone else. And get this, it only happens when God said to Samuel; "none of them will I choose." (1 Sam 16:6-13)

There are times in our lives that we will be forgotten. We may work so hard in the ministry and whatever field of work or profession that you are doing. There are times we feel that we are been looked over. It maybe in your own home, your school, sports field, academic achievement, work environment etc...

Where ever it might be. I just want you to remember something. God will never forget or over-looked you. The Bible says; "even the hairs on our head is numbered by God." (Matt 10:30)

This brings me to these points:

1. Rest in the Arms of God, because He never forgets.


1. Noah (Gen 6-8)

2. Joseph (Gen 37, 39-46)

3. Moses and the children of Israel (Ex 14)

Why rest and trust in others? When at the end of the day they might betray you or forget about you. In this world we are living in, I found out that many people only think of what is best for them.

You remember the "I" factor from the beginning in the Genesis account; when Adam and Eve wanted to be like God. What about Cain and Able? How Cain thought of what is best for God but not what God wants. And so throughout the Bible you will find the "I" factor disease spread among the human race.

That’s why Jesus said; "let not your heart be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in ME." (John 14:1)

I believe that the biggest killer today among people is ’STRESS’. Stress causes heart attack, high blood pressure, and obesity; addiction to narcotic drugs, broken marriage, suicide, abuse, and rape.

So many programs, seminars, educational lectures and counseling that are trying to cure all these problems. But there is only one solution. TRUST IN GOD and Rest in the Arms of Jesus because He never Forgets.

2. Rest in the Arms of God, even when we make mistake

I have spoken to a lot of young people and I have three teenages in my own home. I found out that one of the most discouraging factors that draw them away from God is "UNWORTHINESS". I believe that goes to all age group from teen to adults, and even leaders and ministers of God’s work. Why? Because it is our human nature that we feel so bad and unworthy, when we make mistake. This includes committing sin against nature, others and especially God.

Many people, especially the younger generation says, they are too far in depth of sin that God can not forgive them.

God can forgive the worse of all offenders, if they confess and Trust in His forgiveness.

We are all unworthy. We all come short of the glory of God. But we can rest assure in the Arms of God because when God forgives, it’s FOREVER. The Bible says; "I will cast your sins in the depth of the ocean, and I will remember no more."

Many time in our journey as people, bad things strike at the heart of happiness. And it throws our world upside down. Often times we feel so lonely, upset, angry, revenge, regrets etc.. And many of those times our vision of God is blurring.

When David’s life falls apart because of the mistake he made. He pours out his heart to God for forgiveness, and he received it.

It will be the same for you and me. When we come to the Lord with all our heart, and repent from the mistake that we have done. Jesus promised that He will be faithful to forgive our trespasses, and cleanse us from all our unrighteousness.

Do you believe?

Do you trust?



Robert Fa’atoia-Collins

House of Refuge Church.

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