Summary: In troubled times when it's so easy to fall away from God's Word, we all need help understanding that 'We ain't all that.'

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I. Introduction

1. In this series, this perhaps the most intriguing of the one anothers.

2. “Restore”- means to mend something that is broken (example: Mending broken bones; Mending a fisherman’s net).

3. To bring it back to it’s original form:

a. This passage is dealing with another believer, another Christian as it begins with ‘brethren.’

b. There is something ‘torn’ in their lives and it needs to be ‘stitched.’

c. One thing you should find is something, someone restoring in the Church.

II. Why is restoration needed

1. “Someone has been caught in a trespass.”

a. Caught up in a sin that he/she can not get out.

b. Become an ‘Addict’ over something that has them trapped. Becoming an addict over something that has them hooked.


1. When you go fishing, you put bait on a hook.

2. The fish bites the hook and tries to get free.

3. The hook runs deep into the fish’s mouth. Unknown to the fish that the hook that has him hooked has a ‘double hook.’

4. So, if he wiggles away from the first hook, he wiggles into the double hook preventing him from escaping.

c. A ‘Trespass’ is something that is against God.

d. There are people that are addicted, caught in their trespasses, hooked because they are going against God.


1. A dog wraps himself with the leash around a pole, pulling, trying to get away.

2. The more he wraps around the pole, the shorter the chain gets; the shorter the chain gets the more he chokes himself.

3. Some folks have been trapped for years in their trespasses, trying to get away but the leash keeps tightening.

4. The more they try to get away, the more they are killing themselves.

III. The Way To Get Restored

#1- Have the right deliverer to assist you---‘Ye which are Spiritual RESTORE’.

a. A lot of people don’t get delivered because they are talking to the wrong folks.

b. You need help with someone that knows how to unwrap you.

c. In other words, you can be delivered spiritually.


1. A Doctor is a specialist in your medical condition and he knows how to deliver you.

2. He goes beyond the symptoms and gets to the root cause for a proper diagnosis.

3. Don’t go to quack Doctors that do not understand your medical situation and how to deliver you.

4. Some of you need to stop taking bad medication from quack doctors.

#2- If you are caught in a trespass, you need to know the spiritual diagnosis and the brethren rendering a spiritual diagnosis must be spiritual---‘Ye which are Spiritual Restore’.

A. “Spiritual”- means God’s assessment of the problem and God’s solution to the problem.

B. Can’t go to the world for Spiritual solutions.

C. Whey you go to the doctor, he’s not satisfied with your diagnosis.

D. If you could have fixed it yourself, you would not need a doctor.

E. The doctor goes deeper than the symptom to find the solution to your problem. He goes looking for the root cause and he is not satisfied with your solution.

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