Summary: It is possible to restore the potential power of God in your life and ministry

Restoring the Lost Power to our Lives and Ministry

The story of the lost axe head is illustrative of the impotent Christian’s life.

1.) A look at the early Church shows that something is missing in most Christian lives.

2.) It is the supernatural power of God!!! (Illustrations: soul-winning, trials, etc)

3.) Perfect illustration of the Christian who has lost God’s power.

4.) The Holy Spirit is ready to do His office work if we will give Him space.

Story illustrates how to recover your lost spiritual power. (steps)

1- You First Have To Admit You Have Lost It!

1.) The axe head was important, the work would suffer without it!

2.) Self examination is a step in the right direction! (Personal spiritual self-analysis)

3.) We are willing to try anything rather than admit a spiritual lack!!!

4.) We are apt to lose anything we become careless about!!!

2- Must Acknowledge That the Power of God In Your Life Is Borrowed!

1.) This was a borrowed axe!

2.) We don’t possess power, His power possesses us! (Samson not big = Holy Spirit)

3.) We have only the handle!

4.) We become handle-swingers!!!

3- You Must Be Willing To Return To Where You Lost It

1.) The best place to look for anything is where you lost it!

2.) We may be willing to admit failure, but we don’t want to be specific!!!

3.) We know where we first began to swing the handle!!!!

4- You Must Be Willing To Trust God’s Divine Power For Its Recovery

1.) Some of us what to try human force. (Water thrashers)

2.) What we need is Divine help!!!

5- You Must Act On Your Knowledge - FAITH REQUIRE WORKS!!!

1.) You must put forth your faith and take it.

2.) He could have just stood around and been amazed! (We do!)

2.) What happened after that, He attached it firmly and went to work carefully!

It is time you rediscovered the lost axe head of power!!!

Recognize - Repent - Receive.

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