Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Sunday after Easter Sermon. Resurrection faith is nurtured as we live in community. This faith is not by sight. It is the door to life.


We celebrate the greatest event of our faith today – the Resurrection. He is the firstfruits from the grave with a great harvest to follow. This event triumphantly says death is defeated. Even at this time of the Resurrection of Jesus, one of his close followers (Thomas) was having a crisis of faith. We learn important lessons of faith from this story:

1) Faith is nurtured by community

2) Faith is not by sight

3) Faith is the door to life.

I Faith is Nurtured in Community, vv 24,25

i) Thomas was not with the disciples when Jesus came: Where was Thomas? Maybe he was discouraged and went off on his own. He missed the first appearance of the Lord on the Lord’s Day – Sunday.

ii) We have seen the Lord: The disciples’ excitement was lost on Thomas. He was not encouraged but became more defensive. His response is full of self-centeredness: unless I & I will not believe.

iii) Reasons for Thomas’s unbelief:

o Pride – I, me, myself. Jesus did not take by permission to die.

o Rejection – Jesus appeared to others and not to me.

o Sense-bound – He wanted to feel things to believe.

II Faith is Not by Sight, vv 26-29

i) A week later: Tomas was with his brothers this time. Maybe out of curiosity. Still doubting but hopeful to investigate.

ii) Jesus came and stood among them: He blows Thomas sense knowledge by appearing through locked doors. Peace be with you: Jesus gives peace about our future and eternity.

iii) Invitation to investigate: Jesus meets Thomas at his place of doubt. Thomas does not need to depend on sense knowledge now. The revelation explodes in his spirit: “ My Lord and my God!”

iv) Blessed are those who have not seen: Those who have not seen the Lord Jesus Christ personally but have heard His Word and have believed in Him. Faith comes not by sight but by hearing the Word of God.

III Faith is the Door to Life, vv 30,31

i) Jesus did many other miraculous signs: Many were recorded and many were not. Jesus substantiated his claims I his miracles and finally by rising from the dead.

ii) So that you may believe: The purpose of the Bible is so that we may believe that Jesus is the Messiah the Saviour of the world, the only way to God.

iii) By believing you may have life in His Name : Like Thomas we each need to come to that revelation that Jesus is the Messiah, our Lord and God. This faith is the door to eternal life. Thomas believed and received eternal life following His master to India and dying for Him.


o Are you nurturing your faith through good fellowship?

o Stop doubting and start believing the Word!

o Are you opening heaven by your faith?

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