Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This message looks at what took place during the three days that Jesus was dead and the importance of the Resurrection afterwards.

RESURRECTION: From the Cross to the Throne

Eph 4:7-10; Luke 16:19-31 (KJV)

Today I want to preach my Easter message in which we celebrate a risen Savior

But we are not just celebrating a historical event, when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus we are celebrating one of a series of significant events

That has had a profound affect on the world we live in and even the unseen world to come

When we celebrate the resurrection, we are celebrating one of many of the battles that Jesus fought on our behalf to free us from sin and free us from death

Today I want us to look at what took place between the Cross and the Throne that affects our salvation

Jesus was crucified, He was buried, but on the third day He rose again…He is alive…

His bones are not in the tomb…Muhammad’s bones are in the tomb…Buddha’s bones are in the tomb… Hare Krishna’s bones are in the tomb

But Jesus’ bones are not in the tomb because He’s alive Hallelujah! If you agree can you say AMEN!

Before I read Luke 16, I just want to turn to Eph 4: which concerns Jesus who descended first into the lower parts of the earth before He Ascended into heaven

I want us first to Look at Eph 4:7-10 first and then Luke 16:19-31

Read Eph 4:7-10 / Pray

1. Have you ever asked “Where was Jesus for those three days He was in the tomb?”

Jesus descended before he Ascended

Eph 4 teaches that Jesus took the captive into His captivity and led them and took them with Him when He ascended into Heaven

So let’s read Luke 16:19-31

Vs 22 Abraham’s bosom (say Abraham’s bosom) Abraham’s bosom is the same as paradise

Father Abraham, send Lazarus to dip his finger (expound)

Be merciful to me…comfort me but how many know that he was not merciful to Lazarus on the earth in this life…begging for crumbs…eat up with sores

Now the rich man is in torment and Lazarus is being comforted

Now it’s important to understand what He is saying here…in hell there is a great gulf…two parts at this moment…one side is the unrighteous dead…the place of torment which is called Hades

Across that gulf on the other side is Abraham’s bosom…the place where the righteous dead went who were waiting for Messiah to come

Nobody before the cross died and went to heaven…they went to Abraham’s bosom…a place of peace and comfort but not heaven

It was paradise…or a form of paradise…an upper region in hell

Look at vs 27-28 read and expound

Look at vs 29-31

Vs 31 tells him if they don’t hear Moses and the prophets who are preaching the Word, neither will they believe one sent from the dead WHY? Because there is already one sent from the DEAD

His name is JESUS! Can I get a witness?

Ephesians 4 says He descended first…to where…to paradise…Abraham’s bosom

Remember on the cross…He’s about to die…and a thief; just before he dies he looks over at Jesus and says “Lord, remember me when you come into Your Kingdom.”

Jesus looked over at him and said “today” Everybody say “TODAY” Jesus said “today you will be WITH ME in paradise…that’s Abraham’s bosom.”

Jesus and the thief went to Abraham’s bosom and all those who have been waiting for Messiah weren’t there very long

Jesus took captive all those who had been held captive waiting for the Messiah

Jesus did not go to Hades…He did not suffer in side of hell that is for torment…

Everyone before the cross that died went to hell…some (unrighteous dead) went to the place of torment ‘hades’ and the righteous dead went to an upper region, Abraham’s bosom or paradise

Jesus descended first before he UHscended according to Eph 4…where did He go? He went to paradise…why did He go there?

He went there to declare to the righteous dead “I’m the one you been waiting on…I’m the one that all the shadows painted pictures of…the one foretold of old that was coming.”

“I am the one you talked about Moses…I am the one you talked about Elijah” and He even preached to them as it says in 1 Pet 3:19-20

And then He is raised from the dead and He takes all those with Him that have been captive in Abraham’s bosom

And He picked His body up on the way up…how do I know that? Because at the tomb was Mary Magdalene in John 20

She’s weeping at the tomb and He see’s her and He asks what is wrong? She doesn’t recognize that it is Jesus talking to her UNTIL…He calls her by name “MARY”

The second He mentioned her name…she said MASTER!

Man I love that! There’s nothing like hearing God call your name!

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