Summary: Why is the resurrection of Christ important and what does it mean to people?

We read earlier from God’s Word through the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 that Jesus died, was buried, but rose from the grave and appeared to over 500 people to show He was alive!

Let me share briefly the other truths for us to grasp in 1 Corinthians 15. Again, God spoke through the apostle Paul in this letter to the Christians in Corinth 2000 years ago, but also applies to us if we are Believers of Jesus Christ. The chapter starts with this…. Now, brothers and sisters in Christ, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand. By this gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain.

Who are the real Christians God is speaking to? Christians are in the family of God in Christ! Christians stand and hold firmly the Gospel and they know they are saved and are going to heaven!

And God always wants Christians to remember the Gospel (the good news) we believe in (v1)! Why?

Because, We are saved from God’s judgment from sin if we believe in this gospel (v2).

And so, what is this gospel? We read it earlier…. The Gospel we are to believe is simply, Jesus Christ died for our sins, He was buried but He rose again from the dead! (v4)

Do you personally believe in this Gospel, that God Jesus Christ became a human being to die for our sins but rose from the dead? If you believe this, say Amen to God!

You know, Christianity would just be a hoax if Jesus didn’t live again!

What does this all mean to people?

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is everything for us!

Because Jesus is alive:

• All who believes in Him are made alive (v20-24)! People are spiritually dead without Jesus Christ.Christians can be alive because Jesus is alive!

• All who do not believe in Christ will be judged forever along with the devil (v23-28).

There is a place called hell for all non-believers of God and Jesus Christ; but because Jesus conquered hell, there is a place called heaven for all who believe in Jesus Christ!

• Believers of Christ will also be resurrected with imperishable bodies (v42-44).

Resurrected bodies will be for eternity in heaven (v45-49). There is a place called heaven and Jesus is there right now and He will bring all His Believers there soon!

• The dead Believers of Christ will be resurrected at the same time those who are still alive will be changed in a twinkling of an eye (v50-53)! This is called the rapture (which means being caught up) and it can happen anytime now, it can happen today! Soon, we who believe in Jesus Christ will hear a trumpet sound and we will see our Lord in the clouds and we will be changed to perfect spiritual bodies and caught up to be with God forever and ever! Are you ready to see Jesus Christ, Creator, Lord, and Savior?

• Believers of Christ are victorious as Jesus was victorious over death (v54-57)!

• Believers of Christ can stand firm and do work for God (v58)!

And so, what should we ask ourselves as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and our own to come?

1. Do I truly believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ which saves me from my sins? Today is the day to believe! Amen?

2. Do I daily remind myself that the Gospel that I believe is Jesus Christ who died for my sins, was buried, rose from the dead and soon will return for me? Make a commitment to remember Jesus Christ on a daily basis. Simply say daily, as often as you can, “Jesus Christ is my Only God and Savior!”

3. Am I excited to see Jesus Christ in the clouds calling my name?

Be warned! If you’re not excited to see Jesus, then you probably don’t know Jesus and Jesus does not know you. It is very important that all of us know who Jesus Christ is and believe in His Gospel. Today is the day of salvation; personally receive Jesus Christ as your only God and Savior, if you have never done so!

And lastly for all of us who already believe in Jesus Christ,

4. Am I standing firm in this Gospel and daily doing the work of God? Remember Jesus Christ daily and do work for His glory!

Take a moment to ponder upon these truths, quietly pray to Jesus Christ and make a recommitment to live for Him……………

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