Summary: Sometimes it seems like we are running a race, and we feel that we can’t go on. But if we hold on to God’s unchangeing hand sometimes He will allow us to retreat, so that he can repair us and reprogram us for His service.

I Kings 19:11-18

Retreated Repaired and Reprogrammed

Here lies before us a very important text of scripture that is very practical in the life of every believer. It is the picture of a man that had human failings and emotional turmoil just like we do. It proves that no matter how high you go in the Lord that we are still susceptible to the feelings that come from rejection and persecution and It is a funny thing, but true most of the time that after our biggest victories come our toughest trials.

The enemy wants you to think that your triumphs are anything but an act of God. Even when we are blessed in a service and are touched by the message that is preached as soon as you leave the church the Devil comes to steal your joy.

This is not a new strategy for the enemy. So I’d like for us to look at this passage of scripture and examine the experience of the Man of God and the events surrounding his journey in the wilderness.

First of all the reason that he was there was that Jezebel heard how he had defeated the profits of Baal and restored worship to the true God.

And we need to understand what that meant. You see Baal was said to be the god of rain and so when God got fed up with the chicanery of his people worshiping this false deity he called Elijah into action and told him to go and tell the king that it would not rain for three years.

And as he traveled down through the land, he saw the evidence of the wondrous gift of rain that God had cause to fall. What a thoughtful journey that had to have been as he traveled. And it must have occurred to him as he descended from his mountain retreat. All of this vast forestry, he passed the babbling brooks and the green leaves. He passed by its majestic trees and flowers clothed with marvelous pastels and earth tone hews. He saw the lush fields of grass that lay like a carpet, against the bright curtain of the sky that stretched out over the eastern horizon.

And so God said “you think that its Baal that gives rain, a deaf and dumb statue that you created with a wicked imagination and the work of your own hands. Then I’ll shut up heaven and IT WILL NOT RAIN.”

One of the punishments God reserved for the sin of the people was that he would shut up heaven (Duet 28:23-24)

The devil has been given some power over the elements Paul calls him the prince of the power of the air and so God allows him some power, but that power is limited and temporary.

So in chapter 18 we see the struggle between the power of God and the profits of Baal. And we see Elijah with the victory and the power of God in the form of fire, proving that God is not only the God of rain but the God of fire also.

When the news gets to Jezebel she vows to kill Elijah. It’s funny how when a person is lost so deep in sin that they think getting rid of the preacher that that will change the mind of God.

Instead of taking head to God’s warning and call to repentance they seek to make things worse by killing the messenger of God. And I don’t care if you kill all of the preachers the word of God will not change unless HE changes it. And a whole lot of folk want to kill you because you stand up for righteousness. I see so many folk who

And so many people get offended when the preacher preaches and it happens to hit home with them and they find there own faults in the word. The bible says that the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing to the dividing asunder of the soul and the spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the heart. And if the preacher is preaching from the word of God and it happens to hit home in your section don’t get mad just get right. They used to tell me if the preacher is coming down the isle and steps on your feet then get your feet out of the isle and next time he won’t step on it. If you cant say amen then just say ouch!!!

Now then, there are two faults in the plan of Jezebel and I believe that those were the two determining factors that lead to her fate.

First it doesn’t matter who you are rich, poor, fat, skinny, ugly, or pretty when God sends the message and you don’t take heed punishment is eminent and you can kill all the preachers but God will still be God.

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