Summary: Don't just get what you want an run,return to praise.

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Return to praise



You must be somewhere that you can meet Christ.

The first meeting will be outside of that city when Jesus passes by.

You must be fed up with the life of separation by sin.

There may be others there that appear to want the same thing.

Christ may appear unapproachable.Because of sin.don't worry he can't be infected.


One must lift up there voice,call out his name.(Jesus)

Who is he to you?(Master)

What do you want? (Mercy)By crying for Mercy you are saying,

I know i deserve the punishment because of my actions but please deliver me from the consequence.


He saw,you must do what it take to be seen of Christ.

Faith is an action;

1.Go show,this is the action.

2.what, yourself. who?the priest

As they were obedient the cleansing came

The willingness to follow simple instruction is lacking in most lives.Then they ask, why did not God do that for me.Then they may try to act spiritual by saying God is not a respecter of person.which he is not but,you must do your part if you want God to do his.


One turned back after realizing he we healed to praise an thank the lord.

This we should never forget to do.

He was not ashamed,he praised with a load voice.


He placed himself in the most humble position.On his face at the feet of Jesus.


Many come to Christ an get what they want and never return to praise him.They may feel that they are owed.


Samaritan though a Jew was not excepted by the Jews (they don't accept me either, Christ does)therefor the word stranger is used.

Luke 17:19 And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.

One out of ten returned to praise, one out of ten made whole.

made whole-complete,saved

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