Summary: Giving thanks to God is a joyful expression of man’s deep appreciation toward God’s loving- kindness.

Giving thanks to God is a joyful expression of

man’s deep appreciation toward God’s loving-

kindness. In Thessalonians 5:18 it is written, In

every thing give thanks: for it is the will of

God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Who says Thanksgiving Day only happens on

November? Surely, thanksgiving is everyday for

those who are aware of and have experienced God’s

mercies. When we give thanks to God, we are not

only expressing our gratitude, but also

fulfilling God’s blessed will for us. It delights

Him every time we give Him thanks for every thing.

The Biblical account of the Ten Lepers gives

us an opportunity to reassess ourselves before

the holy presence of God, that we may have a

deeper and wider understanding about our Lord’s

character and His merciful dealings to people who

are unworthy to receive special attention. This

soul-touching story will gradually change our

different views of giving thanks to God. It will

lead us to a more significant way of honoring the

Lord Jesus Christ and a higher level of joy

produced by appropriated thanksgiving.

There is always the danger of giving thanks

through our lips without even understanding from

our hearts. Hypocrisy and selfishness are the

unpleasant fruits of this unguarded way of giving

thanks. This kind of attitude will lead

unthankful people to more abuses to the mercies

of God.

The healed Samaritan leper exhibited a

typical example of a blessed man who was really

touched through the loving mercy of God. He

realized who they were and what God has done for

them. He was mindful of his wonderful blessing

from the Lord as he turned back, and with a loud

voice, glorified God.

(I) Returned And Thanked God For His Mercy

Luke 17:11-13

-The lepers asked mercy

Asking mercy from God is a clear acceptance of

one’s wretchedness and unworthiness to receive

special favor from our Heavenly Father. It’s a

simple but honest request to God that He may

withhold what we really deserve, and to give us

blessings which we don’t really deserve. The ten

lepers asked mercy from the Lord and the Lord

gave them what they did not deserve. The story

of the ten lepers is an excellent display of our

Lord’s mercy toward sinful men like we are.

In Hebrews 5:16 it is written, Let us

therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace,

that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help

in time of need.

In spite of what we have done, the Lord is

still merciful to us extending His loving hands

to give help in times of great need. May we not

abuse God’s mercy, but be thoughtful of His

extended mercy. We must not neglect to give

thanks unto Him. For all we know, He is worthy to

be praised!

(II) Returned And Thanked God For His Mindfulness

Luke 17:14

-The Lord gave them His attention

In many parts of the world, many beggars are

being seen sitting or walking in the crowded

streets asking alms from people they thought they

could receive some help, but they are just being

ignored. They are being marked as eyesores of the

society and not treated well because of their

physical and financial status in life. They are

unwanted and an objects of criticism. Only few

people have shown care for them, but think for a

moment and realize that Jesus cares.

(III) Returned And Thanked God For His Wonderful


Luke 17: 14, 15

-They were cleansed

The cleansing of the ten lepers was a

wonderful miracle of God. The cleansed lepers

became a part of the Lord’s miracle through their

faith in Him. What a relevant reminder for us

all. How many people are praying for blessings

and miracles of God to come to their lives? How

many people are asking for grace and mercy from

God? And yet when these blessings come, how many

of them will turn to the Lord and kneel down and

glorify God as they give their whole hearted

thanksgiving? May every believer be found

faithful in giving thanks to God. He is worthy to

be praised!

(IV) Returned And Thanked God For His Grace

Luke 17:16-19

-He was a Samaritan

Grace is a barrier breaker. Grace is

undeserved favor that comes from our Heavenly

Father and can be received through faith in our

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In verse 19 we

read, And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way:

thy faith hath made thee whole. Certainly, the

Lord saw his faith in Him, faith that pleases

God. Without faith we can’t please God, but with

our simple faith in Him, grace is always assured.

Truly, thanksgiving to God is an amazing fruit

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